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TAARANGAN 2023: NON STOP wins the hearts of thousands of Indian students

TAARANGAN 2023: NON STOP wins the hearts of thousands of Indian students

NON STOP became the energy sponsor of the TAARANGAN festival. This is a large-scale student festival in India, which this year was held on December 18th–20th. And during those two days, it gathered three thousand participants from more than a hundred colleges in Mumbai.

Of course, New Products Group was happy to join such a large-scale event. Our representatives branded the territory of the festival, placed points of sale and provided visitors with NON STOP energy and good mood.

Presence in the Indian market is of great importance to our company. After all, this country ranks first in the world in terms of population, and its economy develops extremely rapidly. In addition, the visitors of the TAARANGAN festival are young ambitious people who study a lot, as well as have full life outside the classroom. And this is how the core of the target audience of our power engineers looks like.

Events such as TAARANGAN help to introduce our products to potential consumers, as well as to find new business contacts. Therefore, New Products Group together with NON STOP were excited to become part of TAARANGAN!

NON STOP is an energy drink for those people for whom 24 hours a day are barely enough, who are busy with active work or study during the day, and also strive to attend interesting events in the evening. Due to the increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with the vitamin complex, NON STOP quickly gives a tangible surge of strength and energy, increases physical endurance and mental activity, reduces fatigue and improves emotional state.

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