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Sustainable development

As a Company that, throughout all its history, seeks to be an active participant in the social processes of Ukraine, we join the philanthropic, charitable, and volunteer movements. Its efforts as patron and benefactor New Products Group focuses primarily on the social sphere, such as helping the most vulnerable social groups, as well as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and cultural institutions, supporting numerous educational, cultural, and sporting initiatives, and initiating charitable projects aimed at improving the general well-being of society.

Sustainable development

In 2018, a large-scale biennial artistic project, within which New Products Group and the Platform for Contemporary Art _PCA, launched the #PortArtStudio Studios for Young Artists, was completed. During the studio and exhibition program, 15 projects were implemented with the participation of young artists. In addition, several cultural and educational events were held, including a series of art meetings and an art festival for children in Zhashkiv, where the Company's production facilities are located.

In 2019, the collaboration with the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) began. Within its support for the museum, New Products Group was awarded the status of “Museum Lion”, which assumes the possibility of implementing several joint projects and initiatives, particularly the organization of art and intellectual corporate events. In 2020, the annual social project launched jointly with NAMU and the online magazine — the “Group Sense” Discussion Club, was completed. The idea was to gather in one landmark — a museum — a group of people with progressive views, representatives of different spheres of activity, to discuss relevant social and artistic phenomena in a creative and intellectual environment.

Recognizing the importance of involving talented youth in developing the country, in 2018, we launched a contest among Ukrainian students to win a scholarship from New Products Group to study at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). The opportunity to study for free at KSE in the Master’s program in Economic Analysis for two years was won by a talented young man from Khmelnytsky region, Mykola Shyshov.

New Products Group also supports “Kontora Pi” — an educational project with a mathematical community of talented children and teachers, preparing a smart nation for a successful future. The project participants study advanced mathematics, deepen their English skills, create unique business projects, and change their own way of thinking. At the end of 2021, we organized the participation of Zhashkiv region teachers in the unique educational program PRO "Geometry" launched by "Kontora Pi" NGO. During five weeks, eleven teachers from six regional schools and their colleagues from all over Ukraine acquired new knowledge, completed various tasks, worked in groups, and developed professional competence. The educators themselves were satisfied with the results of their work and expressed their desire to participate in similar programs in the future.

In October 2020, together with the DonorUA project, a long-term social initiative “Kraplya do Krapli” was launched, aimed at reviving the culture of voluntary free donation of blood and its components among Ukrainians. Before the initiative was launched, there was no stable and strategic project in Ukraine to develop voluntary and free blood donations with the support of businesses. The most important strategic step was to create a flexible, transparent, and tolerant mechanism of charity, in which a drop of water is "equal" to a drop of blood. According to this, a part of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle of PRYRODNE DZHERELO™ water was donated to the needs of the donor movement. Thus, everyone who wanted to but for some reason could not become a donor personally still had the opportunity to participate equally in the initiative. The message is simple and clear: the more purchased water PRYRODNE DZHERELO™, the more lives are saved. You can donate blood or consciously choose PRYRODNE DZHERELO™ water in the store — both actions are equally helpful. A special marking on the product packaging informed the consumer about joining the charity initiative. During the year of its existence, the “Kraplya do Krapli” project has achieved significant results and proved its long-term potential and benefits for both the donor movement and society as a whole. Joint efforts have improved the situation with the reserves of donor blood, which can be needed by anyone at any moment in life. A positive impact on the volume of blood and its components in Ukraine is already noted. Thus, the number of donations in 2021 increased to 13 per 1000 population. For comparison, in 2020, this figure was 12 donations per the same number of people. In October 2021, the annual achievements of the project successfully met the goals in terms of the number of funds raised, the number of donations, and the number of lives saved. The effective work and passion of everyone who joined the project helped to activate more than 10 900 donors, save 32 700 patients and raise 1 600 000 UAH for the development of blood donation. The project's importance and effectiveness were noted by the jury of the CSR Case Contest (CSR Ukraine), the most reputable corporate social responsibility award in Ukraine. In particular, the “Kraplya do Krapli” initiative received the award for the best corporate contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal "Strong Health and Well-Being".  

In September 2021, all Kyiv residents experienced a terrible accident: the St. Nicholas Cathedral was on fire, which seriously damaged the interior of the building and completely destroyed its most valued feature — a unique organ. Realizing the importance of joint work, New Products Group joined the fundraising for repairing the damage caused by the fire and allocated 1 million UAH to restore the architectural monument.

The last few years were also difficult for the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, from the very beginning of the pandemic outbreak in the country, New Products Group responded promptly to the needs of medical workers, and provided healthcare facilities with the most deficient equipment. 15 Biomed 7A-23D devices for sucking air and fluid from the affected lungs were delivered to the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №4 and to the intensive care unit of the Central District Hospital in Zhashkiv. Also, employees of the Zhashkiv Hospital received a modern blood analyzer MICROS ES 60, and four oxygen concentrators, which saved the lives of many Zhashkiv residents.

To maximize the effectiveness of implementing charitable, philanthropic, and volunteer projects, in 2014, the Company decided to create a Charity Fund “Nova Gromada” (, which is set up to respond promptly to the needs of society. The main directions of the Fund’s activities are supporting the Ukrainian Army, philanthropic programs, and social projects, particularly in Zhashkiv, the Zhashkiv district, and the Cherkasy region, where the Company's main production facilities are located.

The Fund actively cooperates with educational and social institutions providing them with comprehensive support, including purchasing expensive equipment, helping veterans, people with disabilities, elderly citizens, and residents of the Zhashkiv region who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

The Charity Fund “Nova Gromada” supports the Ukrainian Army almost from the first day of the war, which began in the East of Ukraine in 2014, as the country, in times of hardship, needs the support of society, especially businesses. According to the principles of openness and transparency, in 2014, the Fund decided to focus its efforts on the following areas:

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the Fund has significantly expanded the scope of the initiative to help the Army, adding the following areas:

The team of New Products Group and Charity Fund "Nova Gromada" actively cooperates with various charitable organizations and directly with the military units and volunteers to help the army and citizens during the war. In particular, the volunteers of the Fund regularly provide food aid and utility goods to the defenders in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces. We also join other organizations and foundations in raising funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, in 2022, we cooperated closely with the Serhiy Prytula Foundation: in particular, in May, pickup trucks were purchased for the Armed Forces of Ukraine; throughout the year, we provided the defenders on the front line with drinking water, energy drinks and snacks produced by New Products Group; and in June 2022, we also joined the large-scale fundraising within the "People's Bayraktar" project, launched by the Foundation, and the Company transferred 1 million UAH. The team of New Products Group and Charity Fund "Nova Gromada" received a letter of gratitude from the Serhiy Prytula Foundation for "support and charitable contributions aimed at the needs of the Ukrainian Army and humanitarian aid for the affected population". Also, in May 2022, Anton Gerashchenko's "Lazar" Foundation received three pickup trucks, which were transferred to the defenders on the front line. At the end of December, once again, we found a resource and transferred another 500 000 UAH to the largest Ukrainian foundation, which provides competent assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces — "Come Back Alive". At the same time, "Nova Gromada" Charity Fund maintains close contact with defenders, military units, hospitals, and volunteer centers and directly transfers products and other types of assistance to support society and the Army. 

Moreover, since the beginning of the full-scale war, many blood donation centers and medical institutions all over Ukraine have been provided with PRYRODNE DZHERELO™ drinking water thanks to the joint efforts of New Products Group and the "DonorUA" team. In addition, the Company also donates a part of its proceeds from selling each package of specially designed products created and produced by New Products Group to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine — ZHASHKIVSKY KABAN™ Military Edition beer and EatMe™ Military Edition nutritious fruit and nut bars — to help the Army. And another such special product produced by the Company — the energy drink NON STOP™ Military, is sent exclusively to the front for defenders and is completely free of charge.  

This is only a part of the implemented activities. The Company deliberately avoids disclosing specific information about provided support, but only reports on the fact of its fulfillment in order to let people know that the team of the Company and the Fund is working hard for the benefit of Ukraine.

The good deed calendar:

At the request of the Rural Head of the Bashtechky Community Serhii Melnyk, the Nova Hromada Foundation purchased 5 all-in-one PCs with a total cost of UAH 70 thousand for the General Secondary Education Institution of I-III grades of the Bashtechky Rural Council. The all-in-one PC is a full-fledged computer in the form of the monitor. It is convenient for vision and easy to use because it takes up little space.


5 locals of Zhashkiv who needed immediate treatment received material assistance totaling UAH 21 500.


Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion together with the donor movement “DonorUA”, New Products Group provides donor blood centers and medical institutions of Ukraine with drinking water PRYRODNE DZHERELO™. Moreover, the Company transfers for the assistance of the army a portion of the funds from the sale of each package of products created in support of the ZSU – beer ZHASHKIVSKY KABAN™ Military Edition and healthy bars EatMe™ Military Edition. The NON STOP™ Military energy drink was created especially for free transfer to the military.


On the anniversary of the accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, philanthropists provided assistance (food packages) to the widows and widowers of the Chornobyl disaster liquidators living in the territory of the Zhashkiv and Bashtechky Amalgamated Territorial Community. On the eve of Easter and Memorial and Reconciliation Day volunteers visited veterans, elderly people, families with difficult circumstances, families of internally displaced persons giving them the same food packages.


As part of the cooperation with the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, the Company transferred funds for the purchase of pickups for the ZSU military. In addition, two pickups were transferred to the fund of Anton Herashchenko 

“The Lazar Charitable Foundation”. The battalion “Azov” received Nissan Navara, and the ZSU unit in Lysychansk received Nissan NP300.


The Company joined the large-scale fundraising of the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation – “People’s Bayraktar” and transferred UAH 1 million. New Products Group and CF “Nova Hromada” received gratitude from the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation “For support and charitable contributions directed to the needs of the Ukrainian Army and humanitarian aid for the affected population”.


With the support of CF “Nova Hromada”, a modern information center with multimedia and computer technologies was opened in Sokolivka Hub Lyceum in the Cherkasy Region. For the implementation of repair works and equipment furniture and machinery UAH 500 thousand were spent.


The Nova Hromada Foundation sent UAH 36 thousand for the installation of heating in the bomb shelter of Skybyntsi Lyceum.


As part of the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects, the Nova Hromada Foundation has allocated more than UAH 1.5 million for the development of sidewalks on Heroiv ATO Street, Peremohy Street and on Street Rynkova in Zhashkiv.


The Nova Hromada Foundation transferred a pickup Mitsubishi L200 at a cost of UAH 400 thousand for the needs of the ZSU. Also, Mitsubishi L200 and Mitsubishi Pajero, with a total cost of UAH 800 thousand, were transferred at the request of the Uman military unit.


The Nova Hromada Foundation bought an armored car at a cost of more than UAH  3 million for the needs of the ZSU.


Within the program of informatization of schools, Nova Hromada Foundation has allocated UAH 70 thousand for the purchase of computers for Tynivka kindergarten. The Foundation spent about UAH 150 thousand on the purchase of furniture and equipment for educational institutions of Zhashkiv Region. At the initiative of the head of social projects CF “Nova Hromada” Viktor Pohorilyi, volunteers of the Nova Hromada Foundation visited pre-school institutions of Zhashkiv and Bashtechky Amalgamated Territorial Community bearing gifts. Also, children from low-income families and other privileged categories who study at the Agrarian Vocational Lyceum, pupils of the Art School and Zhashkiv House of Culture received gifts. In total, 1420 gifts totaling more than UAH 538 thousand were given. Pupils of Tynivka kindergarten received a smart TV-set as a gift.

In July 2015, the newspaper “Nova Gromada” started being issued with a circulation of 5000 copies, which publishes up-to-date information about charitable projects of the Fund and news of the Zhashkiv region, the main place of the publication’s distribution. The newspaper is free for readers, it is created, printed and distributed exclusively at the expense of the Charity Fund “Nova Gromada” and New Products Group. The newspaper is available in two formats — a printed and an electronic version, which is posted on the website of the “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund:
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