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Supporting Good Vibes: SHAKE Is a Sponsor of ePytannia Show Hosted by Lesia Nikityuk

Supporting Good Vibes: SHAKE Is a Sponsor of ePytannia Show Hosted by Lesia Nikityuk

The top priority of SHAKE™ is to create innovative drinks for those striving to enjoy every moment of life and those who are not afraid to show their individuality. People drinking SHAKE™ are glamorous and creative individuals striving to be in the highlight and getting inspired by bright events. Our brand constantly follows the views and interests of its audience, and flexibly transforms to meet their preferences, therefore, it is always trendy.

That is why SHAKE™ became the official sponsor of the outstanding project ePytannia running on the Novyi Kanal TV Channel. This wonderful collaboration has been going on for more than a year, since in 2023 SHAKE also supported the first season of the project.

The second season of the show will feature even more stars, exciting contests, and hilarious jokes made by its permanent hostess Lesia Nikityuk.

The ePytannia show is a Ukrainian adaptation of the legendary American Family Feud. According to its rules, two teams are to compete for victory for five rounds and the final of the game by answering questions. The point of the game is simple – to guess the most popular answers of Ukrainians about everyday things from various areas of life, such as what do women do before going to sleep or how one can open a bottle of wine, or what people commonly say when they hear the air alarm siren, and so on. To collect the most typical answers, the editorial and film crews go out on the streets, interview passers-by and ask these questions to their followers in social media.

There will be 13 TV shows running in the second season, with 108 guests taking part. Each show will be presenting a battle between two teams consisting of four people each  and specially selected to have common interests. For example, it may be a team of actors, comedians, dog handlers, singers, or athletes. However, we take a special pride in the teams consisting of military personnel, and our veterans.

The second season is to feature the guests as follows: Volodymyr Dantes, Jerry Heil, Bohdan Sheludiak, Oleksandr Teren, Liera Mandziuk, Kyrylo Hanin, Anastasiia Orudzheva, Fima Konstantynovskyi, alyona alyona, Hryhorii Reshetnik, Masha Yefrosynina, Dasha Kvitkova, Nazar Hrabar, Oleh Verniaiev, comedians of the Space Force Veterans team and many others.

However, naturally, the brightest star of the show will be its hostess Lesia Nikityuk. She has won the hearts of many Ukrainians with her cordiality, kindness and openness. SHAKE™shares all these values too.

The project will be creating a safe and entertaining space where you will enjoy some relaxation, which we need so much in our everyday life.

We expect a lot of exciting things from this collaboration, because SHAKE™ is about great inspiring vibes in the company of friends and like-minded people, just like in the ePytannia show.

So, follow the project news on the official page of the Novyi Kanal TV Channel  and watch the first episodes of the show on Youtube:

or every Monday at 08:00 pm on the Novyi Kanal TV Channel.

Supporting Good Vibes: SHAKE Is a Sponsor of ePytannia Show Hosted by Lesia Nikityuk
Supporting Good Vibes: SHAKE Is a Sponsor of ePytannia Show Hosted by Lesia Nikityuk
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