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Our New Innovative and Tempting Drink: SHAKE Pornstar Breaking Down All Barriers


We have created an incredible barrier-breaking drink!

SHAKE™ Pornstar is our variation of the iconic cocktail, so luxurious and so tempting, the drink with a bit sour twist of passion fruit, perfectly combined with sweet vanilla and lime hint. According to the bartender who had created this great combination of flavours, this was exactly the luxury drink that Los Angeles porn stars would be fond of.

SHAKE Pornstar is the perfect companion for your summer parties. An exotic and provocative mix of passion fruit and vanilla will instantly boost your good vibes and break all taboos and prohibitions. Take our cocktail and plunge into the hot summer season! Enjoy every sip of this delicious drink on the beach or by the pool.

Our trendy innovative drink – SHAKE™ Pornstar – is a perfect supplement to the product range that highlights Bora Bora, Daiquiri, Sex on the Beach and Caipirinha. World-famous bar cocktails in the ready-to-drink format are your opportunity to enjoy the most delicious flavours at any time and in any place. Our SHAKE cocktails are the choice of people who just adore bright and exciting events and rate highly individuality and style.

Unlike other cocktails presented in this product range, each of which is available in two formats (0.33 l glass bottles and 0.5 l aluminum cans), the new SHAKE™ Pornstar will only be available in 0.33 l glass bottles, with its bright pink colour being a perfect match for your hot summer!

Our New Innovative and Tempting Drink: SHAKE Pornstar Breaking Down All Barriers
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