NON STOP™ conquers the Czech Republic: the drink appeared in JIP – the largest supermarket chain


New Products Group continues to conquer the European markets. Our company has started a cooperation with JIP, the Czech national supermarket chain.

JIP is among the TOP 10 food supermarket chains in the Czech Republic. In the 1990s, the company began building its own network of retail discount stores throughout the Czech Republic. As of May 2023, JIP brings together several retail and wholesale chains. It also operates more than 180 stores with a wide range of high-quality products, offering spacious and comfortable sales areas. Specifically, it has 140 Plus JIP supermarkets, 28 JIP outlets, and 14 Cash & Carry stores. Furthermore, the company has 16 logistics warehouses with a broad distribution coverage, including shops, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Currently, the NON STOP™ energy drink is available in all 14 Cash & Carry supermarkets, which have a total sales area exceeding 27 000 square meters. Each of these stores offers over 30 000 goods for both entrepreneurs and private consumers.

NON STOP™ is a brand of non-alcoholic energy drinks by New Products Group. It stands out from other energy drinks due to its increased content of caffeine and taurine, combined with a vitamin complex (C, B5, B6, B9, PP). This unique formulation enables a rapid surge of energy and enhances both physical and mental activity.