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New Products Group Keeps Expanding Even More, with Our DRIVE Energy Drink Created to Meet the Indian Market’s Demand

New Products Group Keeps Expanding Even More, with Our DRIVE Energy Drink Created to Meet the Indian Market’s Demand

Our spring has a really exciting start! New Products Group has launched the new DRIVE energy drink line, created specially for the Indian market.

DRIVE is a drink for active and daring residents of India whose motto is 'Drive your life!' DRIVE Red drink has a strawberry flavour, while DRIVE Blue will rejoice you with blueberry twist. Both energy drinks are available in 250 ml plastic bottles, handy to drink up in any situation – on a trip, at work and at university or school.

India is a country having very specific gastronomic traditions and tastes. In view of the above, we have decided to create DRIVE drinks so that the locals really appreciate them and find them delightful. Therefore, our new drinks are brightly-coloured and boasting even sweeter taste than our traditional energy drinks. Locals just adore drinks with high sugar content, as they help cope with heat that is typical for India. Another competitive advantage will be the most affordable price of new DRIVE drinks – only 20 rupees per bottle (this is about UAH 10, or 25 cents, in terms of USD).

The Indian market is really promising when we talk about energy drinks. The regions of the country differ a lot, some states boast developed tourism industry and entertainment activities, the others have large-scale industrial enterprises with tens of thousands employees engaged. Their common feature is the fact that energy drinks are in high demand in all of the regions, both among tourists and hard-working locals. So, as for our NON STOP drinks, they are already actively sold in the largest states of the country: Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, and Rajasthan, as well as in the city of Delhi with more that 26 million residents, and the city of Mumbai with a population exceeding 20 million people. DRIVE will offer more affordable prices, and this will allow us to reach a wider target audience and increase our presence in the Indian market.

Today, New Products Group is developing the DRIVE distribution scheme, to make sure that it will be available really soon in the largest retail chains and small local stores.

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