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New Products Group delivers another million of NON STOP Military to the frontline

New Products Group delivers another million of NON STOP Military to the frontline

New Products Group is going to send another million NON STOP Military drink cans to the frontline to support our defenders. We reported earlier that we had produced and handed over one million NON STOP Military Edition cans to the military. Inspired by feedback about this energy drink being really helpful on the frontline, we produced another million of drink cans, and very soon it will be energizing our defenders.

NON STOP Military Edition is a limited version of the energy drink that New Products Group has created not for commercial reasons, but for its free delivery to the Ukrainian military. 0.5 l can has the “Not for Sale” inscription and no barcode. This renders impossible any commercial manipulation of the product.

The fundamental difference between NON STOP and other energy drinks is its unique upgraded formula. Thanks to the increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with a powerful vitamin complex, NON STOP boosts physical endurance, mental concentration, reduces fatigue and enhances emotional well-being. These properties are necessary for every person, and even more so for our fighters who defend Ukraine day and night.

We all live in synergy now: the military have been protecting us, and we have been working to be able to support them. Therefore, as a manufacturer, New Products Group considers it its duty to supply the military with everything they require within its capabilities and provide comprehensive assistance!

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