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Experience NON STOP Jungle In A New 0.75 Liter Pet-Bottle Format!


Enjoy more NON STOP™ Jungle flavours and energy!

Our consumers wanted their favourite NON STOP™ Jungle energy drink to be produced in a larger volume, to share it with friends. Therefore, New Products Group have produced it in a new trendy format – 0.75 l bottles, and we can see it becoming even more popular day after day!

We strive to constantly update the range of our drinks and snacks so that they meet all recent trends and consumer requests. And we are very happy that people love our brands not only in Ukraine, but also in two dozen countries around the world.

NON STOP™ is an energy drink for those people for whom 24 hours a day are not enough, these are people who are engaged in active work or studying during the day, and those who strive to have enough energy to go to a party at night. Due to the increased content of caffeine and taurine combined with a vitamin complex, NON STOP™ provides an instant surge of strength and energy, increases physical endurance and mental activity, reduces fatigue and improves emotional state.

NON STOP™ Jungle line was launched in the spring of 2018 to become a true highlight in the NON STOP™ collection. It is a drink that goes together with the brightest adventures in the 'urban jungle';, and delights with the fragrance of juicy strawberries and fresh icy mint flavour.

Experience NON STOP Jungle In A New 0.75 Liter Pet-Bottle Format!
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