Energy of Bollywood and Haryana industrial state: NON STOP™ conquers Indian regions


Drinks produced by New Products Group hit not only European markets. Indian consumers appreciated NON STOP™ energy drink as well. It is of particularly high demand in Mumbai and Haryana state.

Mumbai is one of the outstanding economic and cultural centres of India. It is a home for Bollywood – Mecca of Indian cinema production. Mumbai is also one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of about 13 million people. They call it Indian Manhattan. Mumbai residents are used to living in a frantic pace of life, working hard during the day, and enjoying bohemian life being in full swing at night.

Haryana is a bit different region. Its population exceeds 25 million people. This is an industrial state, where up to 50 percent of Indian passenger cars and motorcycles are produced. There are also large factories producing household appliances and agricultural machinery, enterprises where scientific measuring devices are being developed. So, NON STOP™ is now a small engine to inspire new inventions and a source of energy for gifted residents of the state.

NON STOP™ is an energy drink for those who always regret that there are only 24 hours in a day, those busy with demanding work or studying during the day, but willing to stay fit and cheerful in the evening and have extra energy to attend exciting events they have been looking forward to. Thanks to the increased content of caffeine and taurine combined with a powerful vitamin complex, NON STOP™ boosts physical endurance, mental concentration, reduces fatigue and enhances emotional well-being.