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Consumer consciousness of a new type


Back in February, New Products Group announced the termination of all business relations with russia. The actions of numerous international companies that refused to cooperate with the occupant country were similar. And no doubt Ukrainians are sincerely grateful to every brand that has left the russian market, because the need, including the economic fight against the aggressor, is recognised by the whole world.

However, not all companies were ready for such a "test of character": someone started looking for loopholes to continue business, someone slowed down the process of leaving the russian market, and someone actually decided that money is more valuable than human lives, and remained an active source of taxes for the aggressor country. Moreover, among them are those who at the same time are also selling out in Ukraine.

However, the Ukrainian consumers have already crossed the Rubicon and reached a new level: they can fight back against companies and producers for whom blood on money does not matter and democratic fundamentals are just an empty sound. This applies both those who have continued working in russia, and those whose owners are citizens of russia and Belarus, as well as companies from countries friendly to the aggressor. After all, one way or another, this is support for the enemy, and in war there can be no halftones.

Attention to this issue has not diminished: activists and opinion leaders continue to fight on the informational front, stressing the unacceptability of the presence of certain brands in the consumer baskets of Ukrainians and in the market as a whole.

New Products Group agrees with this position and considers informing citizens about companies' activities to be extremely necessary. At the same time, Ukrainian consumers have the opportunity to check certain manufacturers and brands regarding their cooperation with russia with the help of Yale University's research, which is updated daily.

New Products Group, for its part, will continue its active social work and will continue to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the country and society by all available means.

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