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Buying Ukrainian You Bring Victory Closer

Buying Ukrainian You Bring Victory Closer

“Buy Ukrainian” is heard everywhere, and in today’s realities, it is definitely not just a marketing ploy. Since the outbreak of the full-scale war, domestic enterprises have continued to operate actively, despite all the difficulties, risks, and dangers.

Ukrainian enterprises have become a kind of advanced post for the country’s economy, continuing to operate, replenish the budget, employ people, and provide other assistance needed by the state and society. However, the desire to work and perseverance alone are not enough for businesses – they need demand for their goods and services both in Ukraine and abroad.

Although Ukrainian society has always been rather skeptical of any appeals, the idea of “buying Ukrainian” has a deep meaning. Marketplaces and supermarkets encourage this with banners, experts and the media do not ignore the issue. Indeed, Ukraine is a producer of high-quality products that can be a worthy alternative to foreign goods, in particular from manufacturers that have not ceased operations in russia. Ukrainian companies continue to work for the sake of improving the economy of our country, creating jobs and necessary goods.

New Products Group also joined the “buy Ukrainian” labeling campaign. In particular, we put a thematic sticker in English on the goods we export. The more we sell, the more revenue Ukraine’s budget receives, and the more Ukrainian symbols and reminders in everyday locations abroad, such as supermarkets and homes of people from all over the world, the more attention the international community pays to us. Moreover, in this way, our country can not only receive ideological support but also prove our progressiveness once again, showing that Ukrainian-made goods are of high quality and modern. We would really like Ukrainians to take a closer look at domestic options for various products. In these times, we don’t mean our products specifically, because, for example, in the same category of snack foods or drinking water, there is a choice among Ukrainian producers to suit every taste. We have a common crucial goal, and the achievements of each of us bring us closer to the desired victory,” said Borys Tkachov, Marketing Director of New Products Group.

It is worth remembering that the economic benefit of the state depends on everyone, and not just on entrepreneurs. Today, every Ukrainian is responsible for the future of our Motherland. This means that making a conscious and correct choice in favor of Ukrainian products is also a step towards victory.

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