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Brilliant SHAKE™ celebrates an anniversary

Brilliant SHAKE™ celebrates an anniversary

The brightest refreshing beverage, SHAKE™, celebrates its anniversary in May 2023. With the introduction of SHAKE™ in Ukraine, the market for low-alcohol drinks emerged and began to develop. This brand was the first to release ready-to-drink versions of globally renowned bar cocktails, as well as create its own flavors of low-alcohol carbonated beverages using an exclusive recipe. To this day, the SHAKE™ cocktail line continues to evolve and expand with original seasonal flavors.

Consumers of SHAKE™ are striking and unstoppable personalities who strive to always be at the center of attention and be inspired by creative and vibrant events. That's why SHAKE™ drinks are available in two formats: a glass bottle of 0.33 liters and an aluminum can of 0.5 liters. They are very convenient to take with you on any adventure, be it parties, concerts, or picnics.

Since 2021, the brand has launched a new category of beverages in the Ukrainian market - non-alcoholic carbonated juice-based cocktails, SHAKE™ ZERO ALCOHOL, in 0.33-liter cans. They stand on their own in terms of flavors and aromas, but they can also be used as a base to prepare internationally famous alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. SHAKE™ ZERO ALCOHOL is also appealing to a wide audience with different lifestyles. They are preferred by modern active individuals who don't consume alcohol, opting for natural flavors, yet still enjoy vibrant parties and easy-going socializing. Or they are those who love to mix their own drinks and create new recipes for themselves and their friends.

"SHAKE™ has become the beloved flagship brand of the New Products Group, embodying the audience's dream of a beautiful sweet life. It appeared on supermarket shelves when the market for low-alcohol products did not exist in Ukraine, and quickly won the hearts of consumers with its diverse and refreshing flavors, bright colors, and design. SHAKE™ remains trendy to this day because its flavors and the brand's philosophy transform and evolve according to the demands of the time. SHAKE™ shares the values of today's youth, who aspire to express themselves boldly and promote ideas of tolerance and cultural diversity," emphasized Boris Tkachov, Marketing Director of the New Products Group.

Brilliant SHAKE™ celebrates an anniversary

SHAKE™ continues to maintain its leadership in the low-alcohol beverage segment in Ukraine. In the first quarter of 2023, SHAKE™ held a market share of 20% (according to data from 12 national retail chains). The brand regularly updates its range, and in addition to the well-known flavors loved by consumers like SHAKE BORA BORA, SHAKE DAIQUIRI, SHAKE SEXX ON THE BEACH, and SHAKE TEQUILA SOMBRERO, a new flavor was introduced this year - SHAKE WHISKEY SOUR.

SHAKE™ ZERO ALCOHOL is also making its place on supermarket shelves and increasing sales each month.

To maintain such high performance in a rapidly developing segment, the company benefits from its eagerness to be the first to introduce Ukrainians to exciting innovations. SHAKE™ always creates an atmosphere of great mood among close ones and like-minded people.

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