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Assistance provided by Nova Hromada Charity Foundation and its Head Kostiantyn Nevesenko to the Ukrainian military awarded with letters of commendation


Since the establishment of the Nova Hromada Charitable Foundation by the New Products Group in 2014, material support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer fighters has become one of the most important areas of charitable activity. Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, our foundation has focused even more efforts to provide comprehensive assistance to our defenders. In particular, it allocates funds to buy military equipment on a regular basis, cooperates with such outstanding organizations as Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, Come Back Alive Foundation and other volunteer centres, and supports veteran organizations and families of fallen soldiers. Also, our company directly supplies the products manufactured by the New Products Group to support our army.

The foundation’s activities have been repeatedly awarded by the military and border guard. In August 2023, Head of the Nova Hromada Charity Foundation Kostiantyn Nevesenko received two more letters of commendation: from the commanding officers and personnel of the 2nd Self-Propelled Artillery Division of the 24th King Danylo Self-Sustaining Mechanized Brigade (signed by the Commander, Lieutenant Colonel E. Budonnyi), and from the commanding officers and personnel of the Military Unit A2300 (signed by the Commander of the Unit, Lieutenant Colonel Andrii Komisaruk).

Both Commanders express their gratitude to the Nova Hromada Charity Foundation and its Head for their patriotism and invaluable assistance to the military.

“Commanding officers and personnel of the 2nd Self-Propelled Artillery Division express their most heartfelt gratitude for your gratuitous assistance, patriotism and caring attitude, and understanding of the Ukrainian Army’s problems”, say the fighters of the 24th Self-Sustaining Mechanized Brigade.

“We want to express our sincere gratitude for your support in the difficult time for our homeland, and may the Lord award you for your good deeds with His mercy, and peaceful sky over your heads” said the soldiers of Military Unit A2300.

Besides, our company received an honorary letter of commendation for its products from the International Charity Fund in Ukraine. To be supplied for free to the military, we have specially created NON STOP™ Military energy drinks to provide them at the request of our defenders. “We express our gratitude to New Products Ukraine LLC for providing material support to our defenders who have been holding the country’s eastern line!”, says the letter.

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