Women’s stand-up and Chinese stand-up are the exciting novelties of the first autumn episode of the REVOlutionary standup club “POREVO”!


Autumn depression can be easily cured with autumn “POREVO”. It promptly makes you wet, because tears of sadness instantly turn into boundless tears of laugh! Episode №6 is already on the official YouTube channel of the REVOlutionary standup club. And here again – a collection of some new faces: 

  • Anton Stenyuk is a comedian who jokes and laughs mostly at himself. He has the image of an ordinary guy, a Kyiv resident from Voskresenka. An open mic artist and resident of the “Underground Standup” project. 
  • Alexander Kachura is a Kharkiv resident who has lived in China for a long time and has performed in English in Hong Kong clubs. After a while he returned to his homeland, because here he can use foul language and everyone will understand him.
  • And finally, a woman’s stand-up, and what a colorful one, from Transcarpathia! It is represented by the graceful and ironic Lera Mandzyuk. The winner of the show “Make Comic Laugh”, a member of the “Goodnight Show”, who has 2 million views under one of her videos on YouTube, and also she is one of the most successful comedians in Ukraine.
  • Among the old friends is Zhenya Babkov. The guy is an intelligent comedian who is able to bring the listener to sarcasm in a peaceful manner. He is among the TOP 10 best comedians in Ukraine according to the Independent Stand Up Festival (2016 – 2017).

The performance block consists the following episodes:

  • ex-conductor Anton Stenyuk talks about urban romance: “idyllic” residential areas, the ability to make women fix their most valuable things, the responsible profession of an alcoholic.
  • Zhenya Babkov shares his disturbing insights about the lower male hemispheres, as well as surprises with his aviation fantasies and boasts of his polyglot status.
  • Alexander Kachura in intelligent glasses talks about his personal noble revenge with the single always available tool, as well as about the hard realities of Kharkiv vs Kyiv.
  • Lera Mandzyuk has found a verification word for sexual protection! And also without any complexes reveals her outstanding mothering instincts to the audience.

Still not wet enough? Add a boost of wetness with the REVOlutionary “Shoulder Bag” сocktail. What’s inside it? Chewing gum, cider and REVO™: mix all this stuff and let your friends enjoy your fresh, autumn-like breath and your wit!