Winter food for conquering “winter peaks”. What does a nutritionist advise?


It is known that in the cold season there is a tendency to take a wider plate and a deeper spoon, as the animal appetite wakes up. Nothing extraordinary, just our body requires more calories for heating, and takes care of the supply. The latter factor can lead to the appearance of several extra pounds, lazy mood and dissatisfaction with oneself. To avoid this, it is necessary to restrain a little natural instincts by the hegemony of human knowledge about balanced nutrition.

Oleksandr Kushch, an expert of the “Consume Sensibly” initiative, a therapist, a sports medicine doctor and a nutritionist, is well aware of how to be cheerful in any season. Now the readers of the online edition “Facts” will know about this, having read his article of December 21.

He recommends the following. Try to maintain immunity in every possible way, “grandmother’s methods” will help us: rose hips, viburnum, sea buckthorn, herbal preparations. Do not bypass onion and garlic if you are at home, but if you need to lead an active social life, then ginger and citrus fruits will come in handy. For good functioning of the intestines, the main “receptacle” of immunity, you need to consume a sufficient amount of fiber, but nerves can be tamed with B vitamins and magnesium.

You should not allow yourself too fatty, fried or spicy food – you will regret about it in the spring. In order to really get the desired flow of pure energy, you should give preference to complex carbohydrates, the action of which lasts for a long time. And the main secret of winter courage is a balanced and varied diet, which comes in small portions evenly throughout the day.

All these tips will allow you to accumulate a fair amount of strength. If they need to be instantly mobilized and used immediately, you can sometimes drink an energy drink or another caffeinated drink, but only without fanaticism. And forward to conquer the “winter peaks”: be it literally or figuratively!

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