We can’t stand aside! New Products Group has provided funds for the reconstruction St. Nicholas Cathedral after the fire


Everything and even more is possible when we work together! This principle is followed by the team of New Products Group, so it joined the fundraiser for the repair of the damage caused by the fire that broke out on September 3 in the capital’s St. Nicholas Cathedral. At the personal initiative of the first persons of the company, Hennadiy and Konstantyn Nevesenko, 1 million hryvnias was allocated for the restoration of the architectural monument.

The cathedral was built in 1909 by the famous architect Vladyslav Horodetsky, who is also the author of the House with Chimeras and the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The fire that engulfed the church did not affect the unique facade, but damaged the interior of the building and completely destroyed its most valued feature – an unique organ.

“Two years ago, the whole world watched with a sinking heart as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was burning. Thanks to the generosity of mankind and joint efforts, Notre Dame continues to be restored. This gives hope for the complete restoration of the amazing cathedral in the heart of Paris. In the evening of September 3, Kyiv residents experienced a terrible deja vu: the St. Nicholas Cathedral was on fire an iconic building for our city. And today, all of Ukraine has united to preserve this gem of architecture. Our company and its owners personally regularly participate in cultural and educational initiatives, so this time we immediately joined in with the efforts to revive a pearl in our cultural heritage – the St. Nicholas Cathedral. We are confident that in the future, thanks to the contributions of each of us, the sounds of the organ will be heard in Kyiv again”,  – commented Elena Selutina, Communications Director of New Products Group.

Ukrainian businessmen, cultural figures, officials and ordinary citizens have joined forces to bring chamber music to Kyiv again, and for this Gothic building to continue to impress with its beauty and sophistication. Today, thanks to many contributions, we have already managed to raise more than 20 million hryvnias for the reconstruction of St. Nicholas Cathedral. Fundraising continues and anyone can join the noble cause and help save the architectural gem of the capital!