Ukrainian flag handed over to New Products Group by the military as a token of gratitude for NON STOP Military


New Products Group of Companies keeps on supplying NON STOP Military energy drink to the Ukrainian military. This week, we handed over 200 boxes with the drink to the UNITED KREMENCHUK REGIONAL CENTRE FOR LEGAL PROTECTION OF VETERANS, COMBATANTS, MISSIONS AND VOLUNTEERS NGO, which has been delivering humanitarian aid to the flashpoint areas of the front since the beginning of the full-scale war, including the Poltava 46th Self-Sustaining Airborne Assault Brigade.

As a sign of gratitude, we were handed over a Ukrainian flag signed by the soldiers serving in this Brigade, as well as a drawing of five-year-old Sofiika Udovichenko who against all odds had survived and was evacuated from the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast and, after experiencing such a stress, discovered a talent for drawing. The girl was among those people whose homes had been destroyed by the enemy, and who also get assisted by the Kremenchuk Regional Centre.

As you know, the New Products Group has already supplied over 1 million cans of NON STOP Military Edition to our soldiers. Today, the company keeps on producing and delivering in batches another million cans of energy drink to our Defence Forces.

NON STOP Military Edition is a limited-edition energy drink we have created not for commercial reasons, but for free supply to the Ukrainian military. Its cans have “Not for Sale” inscription, and no barcode. This eliminates any commercial manipulation of the product.