From Planning to Action: New Products Group Holds a Team-Building Event Featuring Volleyball and a Ropes Course


Team-building events have already become a good tradition for New Products Group! This time, the event has brought together Marketing and Sales Departments’ employees. It started with a conference opened by the Head of the Sales Department Serhii Romanenko.

He addressed the audience with a welcoming speech and presented the Company’s sales results for the 1-3 Q of 2023. The Trade Marketing Manager Anastasiia Tsymydanova, supported by her team, spoke about the key targets for 2023 and forecasts for 2024. Head of the Business Process Automation and Analytics Management (Sales Department) Vladyslav Podsukhin also highlighted next year plans.

Representatives of the Marketing Department shared their accomplishments as well. Director of the Department Borys Tkachov made the opening statement. The highlight of 2023 was the restructuring of the Department and its division into six basic lines. This allowed to create more accurate and well-adapted marketing strategies for different types of products. Category Managers Yuliia Rudenko, Olena Okara, Nataliia Kalancha, Yulia Zhemova, Svitlana Novaia spoke about the outcome of the season and their accomplishments. Each of them covered their areas in charge: low-alcohol drinks, beer products, energy drinks, soft drinks and snacks.

Managers, who had showed the best results and were awarded with special Crystal Cups:

Oleksii Kobzar – the best regional manager (1–3 Q 2023)

▪ Pavlo Starov – the best regional manager (1–3 Q 2023)

▪ Volodymyr Chumak – the best regional manager (1–3 Q 2023)

▪ Iryna Voroshylo – the best regional manager of the priority channel (1–3 Q 2023)

▪ Serhii Drozd – the best Key Account manager (1–3 Q 2023)

▪ Kyrylo Soloshenko – the best regional manager of the Keg-Alternative channel (1–3 Q 2023)

Iryna Voroshylo, Oleksandr Gavryshchuk, Dmytro Svystun got company cars for outstanding sales achievements.

As soon as the official part was over, we witnessed a true battle on the volleyball court! The participants were divided into groups to compete with each other, reveal the most skilful ones and, of course, strengthen the team spirit.

Representatives of the Sales Department were among the winning teams:

“Office” team won the first prize. It consisted of Serhii Romanenko, Vladyslav Podsukhin, Andrii Zhulanov, Tetiana Hetmanets, Roman Diachkyn.

“Central District” team consisting of Yevhen Riabushko, Oleksandr Kotov, Oleksii Kobzar, Andrii Shcherbyna, and Volodymyr Chebotok ranked second.

“HoReCa” team took the third prize. Anatolii Kryvko, Andrii Serhiiv, Artem Borysov, Oleksandr Puzyrevych, Oleksii Nechytailov, Kyrylo Soloshenko, and Yevhen Lavrik were among the members of the team.

All three finalists from the Sales Department received valuable prizes. However, the team that had won the first prize gave it to the Category Manager from the Marketing Department – Yulia Zhemova. Yulia proved to be a real leader on the sports ground and her colleagues acknowledged her skillful game. Keep up the good work!

But the adventures were just beginning. During the ropes course, participants were learning to interact with colleagues, develop strategies, springing from planning into action. These skills will definitely help them reach new heights in the future!