Useful eco-tips from New Products Group on choosing a New Year’s Tree


The calendar relentlessly brings us closer to the winter holidays. A proven way to bring on the winter holiday mood when it’s warm outside is to decorate the home with a cozy shimmer, buy fragrant tangerines and set up a bushy New Year’s tree.

It is good to hear that people have become more aware that illegal deforestation is very damaging to the environment. Most even prefer to buy an expensive artificial tree rather than to stain their conscience by sponsoring the illegal and destructive business of the unauthorized markets. However, the nostalgia for the aroma of fresh pine in the house still lingers… There is a way out: to buy a New Year’s tree in specially designated places, which is the key to resurrecting the forests of Ukraine.

As a eco-responsible organization, New Products Group strongly supports the inclination of consumers and employees to care about the state of the unique Ukrainian land. For our part, in the production of food and beverages, we invest considerable resources in adhering to the European norms and standards of environmental safety, apply as many eco-friendly technologies as possible, initiate and participate in eco-oriented projects. That is why on the eve of the holidays we offer you to read useful information about where, how and for how much you can buy the main New Year’s Eve decoration.

During the purchase, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of markings with the so-called “special unified means” (SUMs) in the form of sticky labels and plastic tag-ties. The SUMs contain the individual tree number and the corresponding bar code that exists in the electronic timber accounting system. This allows you to check the origin of the tree on the website of the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine or The State Agency owns 73% of the forests of Ukraine and this year it plans to sell more than 500 000 New Year’s trees. Other retailers are also required to sell New Year’s trees with SUMs.

The average price of cut trees by state forestry is 75₴ per meter. Trees in pots, which after the holidays can be planted in appropriate climatic conditions, cost an average of 100₴, depending on the type and size. The purchase of an illegally sourced New Year’s tree is punished administratively by a fine of 498.47₴ per tree with a trunk of a diameter of up to 10 cm + 510₴ for illegal felling. Please report the facts of abuse or violations to the territorial bodies of the National Police and the State Forestry Agency.