Ukrainian “Cleaning Schedule”. New exhibition of Yegor Anсygin opened in Port creative hub with the support of the New Products Group


Ukrainian “Cleaning Schedule”. New exhibition of Yegor Anсygin opened in Port creative hub with the support of the New Products Group

This exhibition was an interaction — the artist brought up an issue of political and cultural memory, and offered the viewers to express their attitude. This exhibition was a vision, where thoughts, points of view and memories of each visitor were exposed.

Six white-tiled tablets were set up in the Port creative hub. On their surface visitors had a chance to express their thoughts: draw, portray their memory in symbols or in abstract images.

The question of political and cultural memory is relevant for the current society, especially in the context of decommunization. This memory is inextricably linked to history, it determines the identity of a person, creates patterns of his behavior, affects the way of thinking and remembering — through the way we celebrate holidays, through public and state institutions, media channels and even mourning days. Yegor Ancygin asks the question, “What and how do we remember? How do we interpret what we see? Why do we remember one things and forget the others?”

This interactive exhibition consisted of two phases: the expression of thoughts and their elimination. After the project’s end the artist invited to Port creative hub non-engaged but very symbolic participants, namely janitors. They were asked to do their routine work, to clean off all art objects paying no attention to the installation meanings and senses.

“Cultural memory is in constant conflict with creeping universal forgetting. It captures cultural manifestations in various ways to transfers them to the future, — the author of the project Yegor Antsygin said. — My goal was to show the “memory” element as it is, to gather participants’ thoughts and viewpoints. Thus, I intentionally focus on the process of changes in cultural and political memory and on identification of the elements that are constantly forgotten and then return from oblivion.”

The exhibition “Cleaning schedule” takes place during April, 15th-28th in 2017 in Port creative hub, a space for contemporary cultural and art projects on Podil. The project was created with the support of New Products Group within “TVORY-TY” cultural program.

Address: Port creative hub, Naberezhno-Kreschatitskaya str., 10-A, city of Kiev


Additional Information:

Yegor Antsygin is an artist, a landart artist and a teacher of painting. He was born in the city of Dnipro, graduated from National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (“Monumental painting” course). He had personal and group exhibitions, took part in artistic residence “Bereg”, “Mogritsa” festival and Kiev Biennale of Contemporary Art. He is a member of the art group “Collective of concrete dates” and a permanent participant of mobile anti-war exhibitions (St. Petersburg). His art is dedicated to the politics of memory in art.

#PortArtStudio is a studio for young artists that was made by the team of the Modern Art Platform _PCA and the New Products Group. The art studio is located in Port creative hub since 2016. #PortArtStudio gives young artists all necessary resources for working, learning and searching for new ideas and solutions, as well as a chance to show their works to public. #PortArtStudio is one of the “TVORY-TY” program directions that was initiated by New Products Group to support modern Ukrainian arts.