Two years of contemporary art with New Products Group: the final exhibition of Studio for young artists #PortArtStudio



Two years ago New Products Group together with the Platform for Contemporary Art _PCA initiated the Studio for young artists #PortArtStudio based in Port Creative Hub in Kyiv. Now is the time to display the final exhibition of this two-year project – “Calculating Distance” by Aleksei Sai.

Modern war is conducted from a distance, remotely. For those making the destructive decisions, it is like a computer game. But if you approach the site of the destruction, you will see how war maims everything in its path – people, cities, the beauty of nature… All these ideas are visually and figuratively embodied in Aleksei Sai’s new powerful project “Calculating Distance”. For this project, the artist partially destroyed his previous works by adding bullet hole-like traces of shelling and recognizable outlines of the cities of Eastern Ukraine.

“I was sitting in my studio and did not understand how I would be able to make fun, colorful paintings. So I began to apply destruction to my work layer by layer, and later they became actually destroyed. Instead of the peaceful life of my usual characters I created landscapes with traces of shelling”, – says the artist.

“Calculating Distance” is an example of real, deeply touching art. By the way, the news report, which can be seen here, is accompanied by the composition of the jazz pianist-virtuoso Vladimir Solyanik – an improvisation that the famous musician created after visiting the “Calculating Distance” exhibition.

In the two years of studios and the exhibition program #PortArtStudio, fifteen exhibition projects have been realized – among them the projects of Daria Koltsova, Maria Kulikovskaya, Anton Logovo, Ekaterina Buchachskaya, Lesya Khomenko, and others. Simultaneously, a cultural and educational program was carried out: in particular, interesting art meetings were held regularly for the children of Zhashkiv.

“New Products Group is not the first and certainly not the last company to support modern art projects, because we are sure that the future exists only in a country where culture and art are comprehensively developing. In addition, it is very important for our company that #PortArtStudio means not only holding exhibitions of contemporary Ukrainian artists, but also educational work. We are happy that the children of Zhashkiv can get acquainted with contemporary artists and take the first step towards studying the world’s artistic heritage”, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

The final exhibition of the program #PortArtStudio “Calculating Distance” will be open to the public at Port Creative Hub until June 27th.