Two lightning-fast knockouts: many surprises in the seventh episode of Pit Bull Fight III


The seventh episode of Pit Bull Fight ІІІ, which was released on Wednesday April 28, was a double feature. The reason is the quick victory of one of the fighters. So watching this spectacle is twice as interesting!

The first pair in the octagon were Ilya Lupinov, a master of sports in martial sambo and an assertive and self-confident insta-coach, and Mykola Pavlov, a 10-year-old pankration fighter, whose dossier states ambitiously: “A bald head that will break through all obstacles”.

Pavlov immediately occupies the middle of the ring, unwaveringly demonstrating dominance. Lupinov, on the other hand, looks a little nervous: he jumps around the opponent, trying to catch the moment. And then – bam! .. A few rapid blows to the “titanium head” – and the fight ends in the first few seconds with a lightning knockout and the undeniable victory of Lupinov.

Pavlov leaves the ring noticeably puzzled. However, he admits in the interview that he is not too upset, because he got a flurry of emotions from the fight! Lupinov also comments that everything is natural: he has never fought two rounds in a row in his life. A great debut on Pit Bull Fight!

Another fast victory. Bohdan Hnidko, a two-time world champion and multiple champion of Ukraine in pankration, hardened from childhood bullying due to his hearing impairment, went against Anton Chaban – a member of the National Guard, an amateur judoka and just a brave and carefree guy.

Chaban, having less experience, immediately carelessly attacks. Hnidko feels confident and only occasionally pummels out low-kicks. Allowing the amateur to release a little steam, he finally throws the audacious man on the floor and goes at his head, ending with a spectacular chokehold.

For Anton Chaban, this is the first fight in his life, because he started doing sports only after joining the army. So, as we can see, everyone who has the courage and determination, and who aims to be a real hero in the style of PIT BULL™, has a chance at their moment of glory!

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