LANDINI™ – a low-alcohol wine drink with Italian charm

Wine is delicious, noble and elegant beverage. But using a corkscrew is problematic, boring, and complicated. The compromise is a light wine drink of Italian origin in a stylish designer can by Reynolds and Reyner!

LANDINI™ is a low-alcohol carbonated wine-based drink with an alcohol content of 6.5%. It is made from fruits and grapes by natural fermentation. LANDINI™ develops the Company’s range of fermented beverages and continues the strategic focus on the trend of naturalness.

LANDINI™ is produced at the facilities of Cantine Sgarzi Luigi Srl, an Italian producer of sparkling and still wines located in Castel San Pietro Terme. Only the highest quality wine material on the basis of white and rose grapes grown in Italy is used for the drink production (its content in the drink is at least 50%).

A warm Mediterranean evening, the atmosphere of Italian hospitality among friends, inspiration, beauty and relaxation – that’s what constantly brings together a bright and sparkling LANDINI™!

TASTES Landini™


LANDINI Fragolino Bianco

A sparkling drink based on white wine with the addition of strawberries extract. Bellissimo!


LANDINI Fragolino Rosso

Made from fragrant strawberries and red grapes by natural fermentation. Benissimo!



Made from white wine with the addition of the juice of a fragrant peach. Bravissimo!


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Can: 0,33 L
Proof: 6,5% by volume