The young brand FRIDAY™ has launched its first large-scale advertising campaign. A series of absurd videos from the most “bizarre” beer lemonade in the world


This spring has turned a series of weeks into a continuous weekend, and at the same time made all days round-the-clock weekdays. In such a mess, people sometimes lack the simplicity of a crazy Friday. On May 11, FRIDAY™ beer lemonade launched a series of dizzying videos to show how choosing the right drink can transform gray weekdays into a holiday weekend.

The authors of the creative were the production company No Stars. It was them who envisioned FRIDAY™ in the most bizarre stories, the fastest edits, the craziest jokes – in short, all in the spirit of an eternal Friday.

The plots of the videos are bright, crazy, and diverse. When do eyebrows grow ten times faster, all the vowels disappear from a language, and Andryukha appears on walls? On Fridays. When do duvet covers accidentally stumble into a party, little people hang out on a television antenna, and when is it enough to be just a room lampshade for everyone to adore you? Of course, on Fridays! Any viewer will be caught by surprise by a gallery of charming grotesque images, the touching style of the naive 80s, eloquent absurd details… However, no more absurd than life itself.

“The concept of our beer lemonade is lightness, fun, and the joy of getting rid of monotony and the delight of creating something meaningless. And this is of great importance, because such a moral rest, inner emancipation and a sip of freedom of expression, especially at the present time, are equivalent to a full visit to a psychologist. To convey this mood, we launched our first advertising campaign, which is based on the content that reflects that. Each video is a complete microstory with its own concise, but rich dramaturgy. At the same time, some of them become intertwined, have a cross-cutting motive or character, so they can be watched as an interesting series. We specifically shot such a wide variety of videos, different in genre and style, so that any representative of the target audience, in accordance with their experience, preferences, views, sense of humor and lifestyle, could find something they can relate to”, commented Elena Chuvakina, the Brand Director of New Products Group.

The FRIDAY™ advertising campaign will last until the end of June and will be shown on the country’s top rated national TV channels (ICTV, Novy Channel, STB, K1, Ukraine, Inter, M1, M2, Mega, NLO, Sontse, Otse TV, Channel 24, Enter-film, NTN) and on the Internet. This collection of videos is also featured on the official YouTube channel for FRIDAY™.