The triumphant “landing” of the II season of the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the Revo Can!


The mini-series “Space Bloggers” has recently crossed the finish line. Statistics on the results of the shows indicate that the story of the “unearthly” friendship of the silent Cosmonaut and the chatty Revo Can started to become a real cult! The stunning second season, which kicked off in June 2019, overshadowed its predecessor’s last year’s success, overperforming “The Fantastic Multi-Energy Blockbuster” by nearly 400 000 views. “Space Bloggers” had more than 1.7 million views, while the first season had 1.3 million.

The fans of the REVOТМ energy drink are bold, extraordinary young people with an excellent sense of humor, so it is not surprising that the witty plot with well-aimed parodies and absurd events has gone simply viral among them. At its center is the Cosmonaut, whose earthly visa has run out, and in order to be allowed a flight to the space embassy, he was given a condition: to start a blogging career with the Can and gain 100 000 subscribers. From that moment, our inseparable heroes did everything to attract the attention of the audience: they went through training, filmed video reviews, gave interviews and interviewed others. But fame suddenly drew a wedge between the friends, which hurt them both: the Can lost its memory, and the Cosmonaut was shamefully deported from our hospitable blue planet…

In 2.5 months, 9 explosive episodes, the duration of which in the second season increased from 2 to 5 minutes, brought 5800 subscriberers to the official YouTube channel revoenergydrink, and more than 17 000 new followers to the Instagram page. The series not only involved new interesting characters and colourful old acquaintances, but also a “celebrity guest” – the famous blogger Pasha Bumchik.

The second season was notable for a surge in other Instagram activations besides the main narrative. The Can and the Cosmonaut arranged a livestream and a chat with fans, where they answered questions and raffled off prizes, for example, a unique branded jean jacket. A new video format “Revo Can watches and comments on clips” was launched, where all the latest music videos were subjected to “expert evaluation”. But perhaps the most tangible achievement of the advertising campaign was the Can AR-mask on Instagram. The social network has allowed Ukrainian companies to create their own branded masks earlier this year. New Products Group together with #ODDEE Agency was one of the first to take advantage of this option. As a result, more than 20 000 people tried on a funny mask of the eccentric Can and almost 8000 shared photos and videos on their profiles. In total, the new feature attracted more than 650 000 organic views!

Whether the eccentric Internet saga will continue is still unclear. Fans were discouraged by the ambiguous ending of the second season, and demand further developments. The authors assure that they greatly appreciate the reverent attitude of the audience to their favourite characters, so the brand will certainly surprise and delight them with new crazy stories.