The spectacular finale of Pit Bull Fight III: a balance of power and beauty of energy as an idea for a successful fight show under the PIT BULL™ brand


The final episode of the unprecedented, unique, uncompromising Pit Bull Fight III is already on the official YouTube channel! The longest season in the history of the show. A wide range of styles, characters, and techniques. Lots of chances for young fighters to prove themselves, and for experienced fighters – to open new horizons, for fighters who have lost their confidence because of injuries, breaks, difficult periods or bad company – to rehabilitate and catch a new wave of inspiration!

The final fight №33 is between the two Sambo fighters. Oleksandr Kovalenko and Valentin Sechka are in the fighting ring. Young twenty-year-old guys, technically and competitively skilled opponents – it’s hard to foresee the result of the confrontation…

The first fighter is a master of sports in MMA and Сombat Sambo from the city of Vasilkov, Kyiv region. In sports – since 8 years old, in martial arts – 4 years. Winner of the 2019 World Combat Sambo Championship. In the octagon he works as number one and is always ready to cover the whole distance in a fight. His opponent – Valentin Sechka, Сhampion of Ukraine in Cossack Fight and the prize-winner of the Ukrainian Combat Sambo Championship, represents Sarny, Rivne region. He had the experience of frequent fights, sometimes in crowds, because it’s fun. In the ring he is calm and steady, that’s what helps him to win.

It was a tense first round. Sechka, like a true Cossack, takes the front position, trying to control the fight from the very beginning. But boldy Kovalenko does not succumb to his opponent’s ardor, provoking and pulling him on himself. Both athletes are very cautious. For a moment, Kovalenko begins to hit hard and dominate while Sechka is still slow and misses chances.

In the second round, Kovalenko is pressing again. Amazing: both fighters are still in great shape and intensely exchanging pleasantries, although no one is obviously prevailing. Near the end of the round, Kovalenko becomes more effective and makes several amplitude throws. After the gong, the majority of judges gave the advantage to Kovalenko, who was obviously more confident. However, the guy still has a lot of strength left: being overjoyed, he does backflips!

That’s all. But no sadness! Let’s watch the missed episodes of all three seasons (because they are so different!), let’s subscribe to the channel Pit Bull Fight, comment, find opponents and like-minded people. And those who are ready to make the fateful step in their lives – can leave an application right now on the official website of the tournament. The league is growing and getting stronger – grow and get stronger with it!

And remember, PIT BULL™ is always stands by your side. He will enthusiastically and gratefully support your courage and fervor, because a determined fight for your own freedom, honor and future – worthy of a real fighter!