The season of warm fresh-scented evenings is almost upon us! A springtime addition to the juicy collection of APPS™ ciders: blackcurrant and lavender


Spring always brings about rejuvenation, and the APPS brand is as ever pleased to obey this universal law of nature. The line of the legendary cider is now expanded with a fresh, extraordinary SKU “Blackcurrant and Lavender” in 0.5 liter glass bottles. The new product will appear in retail chains by the end of April.

The new APPS™ with blackcurrant and lavender is rich, ripe, flawless, like a freshly-picked bunch of berries. A berry note, delicately complemented by a floral aroma, creates a flair of mystery, similar to dusk in the summer. A stylish dark purple hue makes the new drink noticeable on the store shelf, and the craft paper label emphasizes the naturalness of the fermented product. This twilight-coloured APPS™ is the chic of perfect flavour from the moment you open the bottle.

Cider as a product is now a general global market trend, with the growing preference for natural drinks with low alcohol content which pleasantly relax and harmonize the internal state, promote easy communication and in moderate doses do not contradict a healthy lifestyle. Among the best examples we can single out a favorite among Ukrainian consumers – the natural APPS™ cider, made without added alcohol by fermenting renewed apple juice under the influence of pure cultures of the best wine yeast.

Today, the APPS™ brand is available in three main varieties: classic apple cider, cherry-flavored cider, and cider with the taste of refreshing grapefruit. Focusing on the latest global trends and preferences of local consumers, the assortment from time to time gets new fashionable flavours in bottles and cans or available only in the craft version in kegs. Now, the extraordinary new APPS™ “Blackcurrant” has been added to the cider collection, which is traditionally made only with natural extracts of fruits and berries.

The APPS trademark has been successfully developing and conquering the Ukrainian market for more than six years. APPS™ natural apple cider sales continue to grow, reaching 4.9 million liters in 2019.