The rocket launch of the 2nd season of the mini-series about the Cosmonaut and the Revo Can!


On June 14, the ambitious “Space Bloggers” start roaming the Internet

Fans of the fantastic multi-energy blockbuster – the Insta and Youtube sensations of last year – are at risk of launching themselves into open space out of curiosity! The second season of the unique cross-media project promoting the brand Revo Energy – a series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and Revo Can called “Space Bloggers” – has been launched.

The action-packed and absurd one-minute videos about the two heroes, who are overcoming a wide variety of obstacles with the help of their sense of humor and non-standard thinking, were especially warmly received by the younger audience. Within three months of the release of the first season of the series in the summer of 2018, the number of followers of the brand on social media grew to 40 000 subscribers, and the videos were watched by more than 1 million people. A paperback comic based on the series was released, and the Cosmonaut personally took part in presenting it at Comic Con Ukraine 2018. The tremendous success and demand of the audience to continue the story of the “extraterrestrial” friendship inspired the creators to write a new season of the epic, which will undoubtedly attract an even bigger army of fans!

So, the new season of the Internet saga consists of 8 exciting main episodes and 1 bonus episode. Each new series will be posted once a week on the Youtube channel and the Instagram page of the REVO brand. The first episode, “Ivan’s Space Squash”, is already available for viewing!

The plot of “Space Bloggers” is painfully familiar to all earthlings. The Cosmonaut’s visa to stay on the blue planet is expiring, and in order to fly to the “space embassy” he needs a rocket. Only one representative of humanity has the appropriate transport – Ivan Mask. But the genius inventor sets one condition: he will take the Cosmonaut and the Can on board if they become popular bloggers with a large number of subscribers and likes. From this moment, the spacesuit-and-tin tandem fall into incredible adventures, during which they solve complex problems, get themselves out of trouble, search for treasure, and protect the weak.

The explosive pair – the once shy Cosmonaut and his witty, bold and totally “off-the-rocker” friend the REVO Can, voiced by the rap-battle master Mytee Dee, in the second season experience a radical but positive character transformation. The Cosmonaut goes from pliable and passive to strong and confident, whereas the sharp-tongued and reckless Revo Can softens a little, and expresses a hint of kindness and altruism. Friendships, learning to blog, and communication with the REVO community makes them better, because now, in addition to selfish interests, they have a noble mission to bring people fun!

The second season will introduce an entire gallery of new fun characters, which will inevitably spawn memes and become popular Telegram stickers: the arrogant and snarly Ivan Mask, the digital-obsessed Guardian Blogger, the good-natured adherent of “bare” nature Eco-Grandfather, and others. You will also see your favorite old friends – the simple-minded Hip-Cops. Finally, we will also find out who was on the other side of the screen, voicing the series in a firm, nasal voice from the 90s – Commentator Duck, who appears in various rubber-quacking iterations.

“Who would have thought that a fun and slightly extravagant experiment in the form of laconic clips created by New Products Group in conjunction with ODDEE Agency and dedicated to the release of the limited version of REVO™ will not only find its continuation, but also create a whole world of events and images, and its own subculture with an active and cohesive fan community! Now we ourselves are intrigued as to where this story will lead us, since this bizarre creation has become its own reality. And, despite all its “fantastic” and “multi-energy” vibe, the series does indeed intersect with the social reality – only that can explain the unprecedented surge in the interest of the target audience. And in the new season we are even more closely connected to the world in which modern youth exists – in the fast-paced confusion of gadgets, stories, vlogs, likes and hashtags, and have fun together with them thanks to the sarcastic humor with a touch of absurdity, which is the style of communication they understand”, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

… But it would not be REVO™ if it opened “all cans” at once. In accordance with the characters’ mischievous, “bubbly” temper, the 9 weeks of the season airing will be peppered with surprises and exciting twists and turns. So you have to keep your finger on the ring pull, because we are launching the rocket of the second season on June 14!