The REVO and NON STOP brands are recognized as outstanding examples of creative design, receiving multiple awards from ADC*UA Awards, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of and KIAF


New Products Group is very proud of its work with TS/D Agency – now among the top three creative agencies in Ukraine, according to the overall ranking – including due to the work they did for the brands REVO and NON STOP. In late May, our talented partners were recognized by the professional advertising community and received three prestigious awards in the field of design: ADC*UA, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of and KIAF.

The winners of the ADC*UA Awards were announced on May 28, where TS/D won gold for the design of the limited edition “REVO. Love is” in the ‘Packaging’ category and bronze for the “NON STOP Engine” video in the ‘Animated, VFX & 3D – Computer Generated, Innovation in Film’ category. On the same day, the awards from the national competition Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of were announced, where the agency received an award in the ‘Packaging Design’ category for the unique design of the limited edition “REVO. Love is” beverage can and for the video “NON STOP Engine” in the ‘Motion Graphics’ category, within the new Ukrainian Creative Stories 2020 platform. Finally, on May 29, at Kyiv International Advertising Festival, TS/D Agency won second place in the ‘Packaging’ category for “REVO. Love is” and a shortlist position in the ‘Animation’ category for the “NON STOP Engine” video.

A few words about these award-winning works. In the summer of 2019, the NON STOP™ brand launched an advertising campaign featuring the “perpetual motion machine”, thought up by TS/D – a grand mechanical object with the precise interaction of all elements, as a metaphor for everyday life. In this “hypnotic dance” the NON STOP™ can acted as a kind of battery that drives the complexities of modern life: various devices, social networks, sports, nightlife and road traffic.

The same year, a provocative limited edition version of the energy drink REVO™ was released, aptly called Love is. TS/D’s ambitious packaging design features a pentagonal star shape on a white background, densely “populated” by couples wildly in love, whose true emotions rage in the most unexpected places – from public transport stops and sports fields to panoramic balconies and planes under the endless starry sky. The spicy video ad created for “REVO. Love is” can be viewed here.

New Products Group congratulates colleagues from TS/D Agency, and will continue to involve the best creative minds to collaborate on creating trendy images for сompany’s brands!