The rapid “Energy of your drive”: a seasonal OOH ad campaign for NON STOP Original


Traveling by car and driving for many hours is one of the most popular options to have your dream vacation this summer. To remind consumers about the importance of staying alert on the road, and not only, on July 1 was launched an eye-catching OOH advertising campaign: NON STOP Original “Energy of your drive”. Throughout the summer, billboards will be placed on the key highways of Ukraine: Kyiv-Lviv, Kyiv-Odesa, Odesa-Mykolayiv, Zaporizhzhia-Berdyansk.

“The new design features another interpretation of the concept of ​​a perpetual motion machine and the uninterrupted energy of the legendary brand. This time, in the form of a powerful sports car, adorned with a branded NON STOP™ design, which easily cuts through the canvases of highways in the night. It is attracted and inspired by the energy of the city, these countless neon lights that stretch towards the new and the unknown. The art concept seems to say: “Being dynamic, rushing to your goal with all your might is in your very nature, so don’t slow down – just add fuel!”, – commented Elena Chuvakina, Brand Director of New Products Group.

Following tradition, the updated concept was developed by TS/D Agency. They came up with the idea of the “perpetual engine” for NON STOP™ and in 2018-2019 created a series of extraordinary videos with a “hypnotic effect”. The agency has repeatedly received national and international awards for creative for the brand: European Design Awards, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of, DC*UA Awards, Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

NON STOP™ is a drink for those for whom 24 hours in a day is not enough, who are busy with work or studying during the day and look for adventure at night. Due to the increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with a vitamin complex, NON STOP™ quickly provides a noticeable influx of strength and energy, increases physical endurance, mental concentration, reduces fatigue and improves mood. NON STOP Original is a classic energy drink that has been loved by active city dwellers since 2005.