The pulse of the city that never stops: NON STOP Energy launches a documentary in an Instagram format


The heart of the megalopolis, like everyone who inhabits it, beats every second, because permanent movement is life itself. With the support of the energy drink brand NON STOP and with the creative participation of #ODDEE Agency, a new unique project has started – a documentary in the Instagram format. Short interviews with the active city dwellers whose lifestyle corresponds to the philosophy of NON STOP have been regularly published on the Instagram page Faces #NonStop since this spring. You can also read those posts on the official Facebook page of NON STOP Energy. Now the project goes into the public space: the Faces #NonStop manifesto was released on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Faces #NonStop is a special platform where everyone is free to express themselves, to share their secret of success and life conclusions. Anyone can become a hero in Faces #NonStop – you can be the mouthpiece for your generation, the litmus test of your surroundings, the trend setter for your special lifestyle! “The world always focuses on the same faces. We wanted to talk about those who are in the shadows. Bright, young, full of energy – these people hold true power. We learned how they live, what they dream about, where they get inspiration. It turned into a documentary film about the life of Kyiv residents in the Instagram format,” explained the creative idea ​​Alina Tsyganok, the Сreative Director of the Oddee Agency.

Thus, the #NonStop Faces page is increasingly flooded with beautiful, ambitious, energetic and diverse people who never stop. Their days last 25 hours, and their dreams are countless. Among them are IT-startup creators, restaurateurs, athletes, music enthusiasts, community activists, adventurers and travel bloggers, round-the-clock party-goers and personal growth coaches, designers of youth brand clothing, street culture ideologists, happy and self-sufficient freelancers… All this diversity of outstanding personalities, fed by an uninterrupted source of energy, is collected on one page! Their favorite personalities, the best food and drinks, the places that charge them with power, and the pets without whom they cannot imagine their life – all this permeates their soul-baring texts. The heroes, keen on the challenge, extend the #NonStop baton to their extraordinary friends and acquaintances, so that they can also be heard, and in order to know more about the people close to them.

At the moment, the project already consists of 32 stories, and their number will only keep growing.