The power of a young brand that breaks down barriers with ease: summer advertising campaign for “Zhashkivsky Kaban” regional beer on TV screens all over the country


The July heat is a great occasion to enjoy some high-quality Ukrainian craft beer, created with the intent of being accessible for everyone. With that in mind, we continue the summer advertising campaign of the new regional craft beer “Zhashkivsky Kaban” produced by the New Brew brewery. The promo ad in the format of a short animated video was featured on the largest national TV channels of the country: “New Channel”, ICTV, STB, M1, “Inter”, NTN, K1, Zoom, “Mega”, “Enter-film”, “Ukraine” and UFO-TV. Now, a wide range of consumers will get to know this authentic Ukrainian product, which harmoniously combines craft technology and local ingredients.

The concept of the video, created by the well-known creative agency TS/D, is to present the new brand to the general public. For the first time, a strong and unmoving mascot of the brand appears in it – “a real aboriginal and an honest local” Zhashkivsky Kaban – pictured in the vastness of a golden wheat field. He confidently flashes his strong tusks, which sparkle in the evening sun; his gaze is full of determination and victory; in the background we hear his righteous grunts, full of ambition. He is here to present an honest natural product and cultivate a culture of consuming high-quality beer.

“None of us like to overload summer leisure time with complex multi-layered information. Everybody wants to dedicate these days to pleasant new impressions and sensations: taste, tactile, visual. Our concise video does not teach, encourage or persuade. It just conveys the mood. The mood of the generous native land, the beauty of Ukrainian nature. We constantly admire and are proud of it, we tirelessly pose with it on social network photos, and in the end we enjoy it with pleasure in a new frothy drink, – said Boris Tkachov, Strategy and Research Director of New Products Group.

“Zhashkivsky Kaban” is a regional beer from the young ambitious New Brew brewery, built in the town of Zhashkiv, Cherkasy region. It was introduced on the market in May this year. Its distinctive features are the use of selected natural ingredients of local origin, the fundamental absence of maltose molasses in the composition and the non-application of filtration in production technology. The first varietal line is represented by three popular varieties: “Lager”, “Blanche” and “Amber Ale”. The drink is currently available in more than 40 000 retail outlets across the country and is competitively priced at around 27 UAH per 0.5 liter bottle.