The “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund provided oxygen concentrators to Zhashkiv Central District Hospital to continue to help fight COVID-19


For most of us, the weakening of quarantine means that life has returned to its usual pace, with daily problems and small worries. But there are people who continue to be at the forefront of the fight for our health and well-being – medical professionals who are working around the clock trying to curb the virus, which has not stopped spreading, despite appearances.

The “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund expresses its sincere gratitude to all the doctors who are constantly protecting us all like guardian angels! The fund always strives to help them succeed in their difficult, but crucial mission. Therefore, on the eve of the Day of the Medical Worker – June 19 – Victor Pogorily, the Head of Social Projects for the “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund – handed over to the Zhashkiv Central District Hospital the devices needed to ensure proper breathing of patients: two Biomed 7F-10 oxygen concentrators worth 75 600 UAH. This equipment will help many Zhashkiv residents to recover from the disease faster and return back healthy to their family and friends.

The 7F-10 oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that separates high concentrations of pure oxygen from the surrounding air. Clinical studies have shown that oxygen concentrators are therapeutically equivalent to other types of oxygen delivery systems. These devices can be utilized to provide emergency assistance, and are also used for long-term oxygen therapy. In addition, the device can be connected to ventilators, which is extremely important for pneumonia treatment.

From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund has assigned special importance to helping healthcare institutions. At the end of March, the organization promptly handed over twelve devices for the suction of air and fluid from the lungs to the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital #4. At the beginning of April, three similar devices were delivered to the Central District Hospital in Zhashkiv, and on May 22, the institution also received a modern blood analyzer worth 199 950 UAH. The head of the Zhashkiv District State Administration Yuriy Barabash officially thanked Victor Pogorily “For help in the fight against COVID-19”, highlighting the fund’s contribution to obtaining the necessary technical equipment for hospitals at this difficult time.