The “Nova Gromada” Charity Fund donates an essential medical appliance – a modern hematology analyzer – to the Central District Hospital in Zhashkiv


The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the fundamental importance of high-quality technical equipment for healthcare facilities. However, having created a shortage of medical supplies, the outbreak simultaneously indicated in which direction the institutions should move in their development in order to be ready to provide quality and timely medical care, and to save human lives.

The Nova Gromada Charity Fund is always trying to listen to the needs of doctors and, if possible, provide the necessary support. In early April, three devices for suctioning air and fluid from the lungs were urgently donated to the Zhashkiv Central District Hospital. On May 22, the hospital received another essential device – a modern blood analyzer worth 199 960 UAH. The donation of the device took place with the direct participation of Viktor Pogorіly, the head of the social projects of the Nova Gromada Charity Fund, and Yuri Levchenko, the chief doctor of the Zhashkiv Central District Hospital.

Horiba ABX MICROS ES 60 automatic hematology analyzer makes it possible to perform a blood test from 19 positions. This device is easy to operate and maintain, and is highly effective for diagnosing patients.

The staff of the Zhashkiv Central District Hospital expressed deep gratitude to the Nova Gromada Charity Fund for the donation, as the institution was not able to afford such a device on its own. The help of the sponsors became an opportunity to supply the diagnostic department with essential equipment and provide patients with prompt medical care.