The new energy of the metropolis: advertising for the updated NON STOP™ already in the largest cities of Ukraine, and soon – on the radio


The first day of summer launched the advertising campaign for the rebranded energy drink NON STOP™, one of the most popular drinks in the range of New Products Group.

The streets of Ukrainian largest cities – Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv – are already lined with billboards, lightboxes and scrolls advertising the public’s favorite energy drink. In total, about 250 ads have been mounted, and the campaign is set to last for two months.

Simultaneously, from June 11 to August 1, an advertising campaign will be carried out at the major national radio stations Hit FM and Kiss FM. Throughout Ukraine, jingles for the updated NON STOP™ will be played in prime-time, which will help the radio listeners recharge and instantly reboot.

A simple and effective recharge of energy is what every city dweller needs, because a big city never sleeps, demanding activity from us 24 hours a day. In the afternoon, thousands of cars zoom through streets and get stuck in traffic jams, offices and universities buzz like hives, and in the evenings, neon lights of illuminated shop windows and clubs beckon – endless nightly adventures replace the turbulent activity of the work day, and then everything starts anew tomorrow morning…

New Energy URBAN, New Energy JUNGLE and New Energy ORIGINAL – that’s what the renewed non-alcoholic energy drink NON STOP™ offers to the inhabitants of the urban jungle.

Sweet strawberry with a cooling hint of mint in NON STOP Jungle, juicy raspberry and acai with shisandra extract in NON STOP Urban, and the classic NON STOP Original, loved by active people since 2005 – all three flavours of the NON STOP™ range are a source of energy, strength and intelligence. Due to the increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with a vitamin complex, NON STOP™ quickly provides a rush of energy, helps to concentrate, increases physical endurance, reduces the feeling of fatigue, and improves the emotional state.

The advertising is aimed to support the renewed image of NON STOP and to acquaint the general public with the new design of the energy drink.