The new EatMe Bar with Rhubarb and Cherry – a healthy option for your sweet tooth


New Products Group, a well-known manufacturer of “energy-charged” drinks and snacks, presents a new tasty and nutritious product – a natural EatMe™ cereal bar with rhubarb and cherry. An interesting mix of flavours, a vitamin-rich composition, the strength of whole grains is a real plethora of benefits for everyone who loves to live a full life and remain in perfect physical shape. This new product is already on sale and has expanded the existing range of EatMe™ offerings in stores across the country.

“Right now, as all of us are experiencing a trying time – physically and psychologically, our bodies need a lot of support. On the one hand, to cope with stress people tend to consume more sweets than usual in order to synthesize the so-called “happiness hormones”. That is why, while being mainly at home and leading a sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to carefully choose the products we consume and make sure the sweets are healthy and low in calories. On the other hand, the epidemiological situation encourages to give more attention to strengthening our immune systems. Our product was originally developed with the trend of healthy eating in mind, using only natural ingredients which help strengthen the immune functions of the body. So, we can conclude that EatMe™ is a synergy of health benefits and pleasure, like “taking vitamins” and enjoying dessert at the same time”, – commented Elena Selyutina, PR director of New Products Group.

The new EatMe™ contains three types of whole-grain cereals, juicy rhubarb and cherry (20%), crunchy peanuts and sesame, all of which is placed on a light base made of white chocolate. The bar is rich in micro elements such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and others. Here is how this new product is different from the rest:

  • The addition of rhubarb. This superfood used to be half-forgotten, but now is being brought back around in the world. Rhubarb is a healthy plant of light greenish and pink hue, the juicy stems of which resemble the taste of aromatic Antonov apples. Delicate rhubarb flavour mixes wonderfully with the richness of cherries and is balanced by the nut-and-grain sweetness of the EatMe base.
  • Fiber content. An extremely important advantage of this bar is its scientifically verified composition, mainly the preservation of dietary fiber. Whole grain foods are the source of the so-called “slow carbohydrates”, which are extremely popular among athletes because of their ability to cleanse the body and ensure proper energy metabolism.

EatMe™ bars first appeared on the Ukrainian market in 2014. The concept was to create a tasty and nutritious snack for adults and children, consisting exclusively of natural ingredients, without the addition of dyes, preservatives or excess sugar. Natural origin, harmonious taste, convenient compact format immediately appealed to consumers. The fact that EatMe™ was approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and recommended for use by the Association of Nutritionists of Ukraine for absolutely all age groups contributed to the popularity of the bars. So, for many Ukrainians the worldwide trend for healthy snacks has been represented by this quality product from a national manufacturer – New Products Group.

The EatMe™ line currently has five unique flavors: Raisins, Apple, Peanuts in Chocolate Glaze; Pineapple, Carrots, Peanuts in White Glaze; Dried Apricots, Date, Apple, Raisins in Wafer. The new release of 2019 – Oatmeal, Cranberry, Peanuts, Half-glazed in Dark Chocolate – laid the foundation for adding whole grain cereals to the bars, which was picked up by the new snack in the EatMe™ range – Oatmeal, Cherry, Rhubarb.