The low-alcohol beverage pioneer of the Ukrainian market is expanding its range with new trendy flavour – SHAKE BASIL BEAUTY


The very first brand, with which New Products Group came to prominence in 2003, is the cocktail that started the entire Ukrainian market of low-alcohol drinks – the legendary SHAKE™ presents a new trendy flavour SHAKE BASIL BEAUTY.


The light and refreshing SHAKE BASIL BEAUTY is a mild but piquant carbonated cocktail with a harmonious sweet-and-sour taste, which combines the herbal freshness of green basil, the berry brightness of the blackcurrant and the citrus coolness of lime.

“An entire team of professionals worked on the creation of SHAKE BASIL BEAUTY, there were many attempts to create a unique light taste and achieve the perfect combination of basil, blackcurrant and lime. Finally, we can introduce the general public to a cocktail that will become a true symbol of summer and refreshment. The modern consumer is looking for natural ingredients and a low alcohol content, this is a worldwide trend – and we have things to offer to even the most demanding connoisseurs of alcoholic cocktails! After all, since 2014 New Products Group has its own research laboratory where we create new products, focusing on the preferences of our consumers around the world”, – notes Gennady Dovgan, Marketing Director of New Products Group.

BASIL BEAUTY is now included in the top-chart of alcoholic cocktails from the best mixologists of the country, which means that it will definitely take a worthy place inside the SHAKE™ range. Now the range consists of 4 flavours (each in two formats: a glass bottle of 0.33 liters and an aluminum can of 0.5 liters): Bora-Bora, Daiquiri, Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sombrero – the most famous cocktails of the world in the Ready to Drink format. This allows our consumers to get the best flavours of the world at any time and in any place. For those who like parties, fashion shows, concerts, unforgettable impressions and maximum enjoyment, SHAKE™ cocktails remain a constant attribute of a vibrant life.

SHAKE BASIL BEAUTY will appear in the stores of Ukraine in the middle of June 2018. You can buy the cocktail in a glass bottle of 0.33 liters that has a special new design that perfectly matches the new drink. SHAKE BASIL BEAUTY, as well as the entire SHAKE ™ line, has 7% alcohol content.