The juiciest advertising campaign on tv: APPS™ ads from the harvest of 2018 already on tv screens all over ukraine!


New Products Group launched a large-scale advertising campaign for the legendary cider APPS™ on TV and radio.

The latest APPS™ commercials have already poured the apples from the latest harvest onto the TV screens throughout Ukraine! Bright, juicy and incredibly positive videos of 30 and 15 seconds have been released on 9 TV channels: 1+1, TET, Music box, 2+2, Paramount UA, PERSHIY, ESPRESO TV, OTV and Xsport. In addition to direct advertising, interprogram placement is also planned, which will allow the brand to be present on the air in prime time. The campaign will last from June 12 to mid-August.

On the same day, APPS™ advertising starts on the radio with national coverage: KISS FM, HIT FM, and PROSTO radio. This campaign will last until the end of July.

Such activities will not only increase consumption, but also the level of knowledge and loyalty of the consumers, because the new promos will associate APPS™ with an infinite number of fresh juicy apples, as well as light and fun communication without borders.

APPS™ is more than just a tasty product. It is a drink for those who are looking for refreshment in a big city, who value their individuality and try to preserve it, who want to live easily and communicate without restrictions.

APPS™ ciders are created according to the classic technology of fermenting reconstituted apple juice with pure cultures of French wine yeast. They do not contain dyes and artificial flavours – only plant extracts and natural juices.

We remind you that almost simultaneously with the launch of the advertising campaign a new SKU of the APPS™ cider will hit the stores – the seasonal APPS Fragaria with the taste of strawberries and mint.