The innovative brewery New Brew has released a short film about producing local craft beer for a wide range of consumers


The new-generation brewery New Brew, located in the town of Zhashkiv, Cherkasy oblast, has everything necessary to implement ambitious plans to win the favour of Ukrainian consumers: state-of-the-art German equipment, modern automated processes, conscientious qualified staff. And most importantly – a number of inviolable principles that were built into the new venture even before the first brick had been laid: a categorical rejection of maltose molasses and other “questionable” impurities that speed up or reduce the cost of production; no filtration of beer to ensure its authentic taste; and the use of only local ingredients (except hops, still imported from Germany) to return Ukraine its honorary title of “the breadbasket of Europe”. The ideologists behind New Brew have decided, on the one hand, to give the consumer the pure taste of Ukrainian beer of the 2000s, on the other – to expand the access of ordinary people to a truly high-quality craft product of a European level. After all, New Brew from the beginning was based on dignity, not on the desire for quick profit.

All these virtues of the innovative enterprise are almost worthy of being made into a film… In fact, why not? While the dream of perfect Ukrainian beer is being made into reality through the painstaking daily work of New Brew specialists, and the product gradually paves its way into the hearts of consumers, a 5-minute presentation film about the newly created plant was made so that everyone could look behind the scenes and meet the people working there. A well-known Ukrainian production Red Glass undertook the production of the image video, with the shoot headed by a well-known Ukrainian film and music video director Lubomir Levitsky.

The narrative of the mini-film moves freely from one key participant to another, depicting in several strokes their personal views and attitudes to work, logically linking human principles with professional ones, which they expertly reveal to the viewer, each explaining their field. Thus, puzzle piece to puzzle piece, a whole picture of this huge, complex and extremely precise mechanism is formed, where every detail matters; where the main driving force is a person, their creativity and intellect; where employees interact with each other every day for a common goal – to make a product that would be appreciated by consumers and that the whole of Ukraine would be proud of.

Speaking about the central idea of ​​the film, the executive producer Yana Altukhova emphasized the anthropocentric nature of the concept: “In my opinion, we made a wonderful video, very inspiring and bright. Its key idea is that it all starts with each of us, with our conscience, inspiration, and the work that needs to be done with love. We wanted to show people who love what they do and charge everyone around them with that love”. Film director Lubomir Levitsky also agreed that the first priority in any creative process is the team: “It was important to convey love for the product through love for the creation process. We showed people who live by what they do. This is their world, their inspiration, and their soul. We wanted to show how all these feelings directly affect the quality of the product itself. It is impossible to fake the excitement in the eyes of our heroes and the inspiration with which they describe the process of making beer”, – shared the creator of the video.

The emergence of a strong, promising, responsible business in the region is a direct path to its prosperity. The creation of new jobs, proper working conditions and social security directly affect economic development, the improvement of living conditions and the development of infrastructure. The use of local raw materials (grain, artesian water from local subsoil) contributes to the development of agriculture in the Zhashkiv region, which has long been famous for land fertility and abundance of water resources. Conscientious observance of modern European norms of production is a guarantee of ecological safety in the region. The investment potential and even tourist attractiveness of the region, when a powerful industrial force has appeared, is increasing. “Brewers have such a professional term as “Order”. “Brewing order” is a set of vats, filters, accessories that work as a whole. When everything works as one, you get a good wort, a good beer. The order at the plant is made by good employees. Having good employees means order in families and communities. A good community means order in the region, and the well-being of the regions is the key to order in the country. But it all starts with the brewing order!”, accurately and wisely summed up the director of the New Brew plant Victor Pohorily.

The new brewery New Brew is capable of producing about 30 million liters of beverages a year. As of today, three varieties of craft beer “Zhashkivsky Kaban” are supplied to more than 40 000 Ukrainian retail outlets, and four varieties of the keg beer “New Brew” are presented in popular beer-on-tap chains throughout the country. The production has the resources to expand in case of future needs, but the management constantly emphasizes: the top priority for New Brew is and will remain compliance with high standards, so production volumes will never increase at the expense of quality. Currently, it is planned to actively replenish the variety line and create a number of new brands.

To further inform the general public about all the nuances of production and new products at the New Brew plant, the plant has created social media pages on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.