The Gradient of Fun: SHAKE™ launches its summer advertising campaign in support of a new can design


Cocktails Bora Bora, Daiquiri, Sexx on the Beach and Ice Baby now have a stylish striped packaging

SHAKE™ is a variety of shades, aromas, notes, and nuances of sensuality, it is a change of mood: one stripe, then another – everything changes dynamically and boldly. And since we are talking about stripes, in the case of SHAKE™, they’re definitely not only black and white.

In June, SHAKE™ appeared on store shelves across the country with an updated, clearly distinguishable can design. The changes also affected the taste line: in addition to the well-known and familiar Bora Bora, Daiquiri, and Sexx on the Beach, a new cocktail was introduced on the market – Ice Baby (lime, lemon, bergamot). A captivating azure-coloured drink in a glass bottle SHAKE Ice Baby was added to the cocktail card in May of this year, and now it is also available in a 0.5 l aluminum can with a new trendy geometry. The current restyling and the additional new taste is a gift from the legendary brand of ready-to-drink cocktails to its fans.

“Everything in life is changing, the world does not stand still. The appearance of the legendary drink is also changing. Bright contrasting stripes are just like our mood: in the hot summer you want a cold drink, smiles and romance, dancing and socializing with friends, a celebration even on a weekday… Now you are in the city, and an hour later you are hanging out on the beach. The circumstance changes, but SHAKE™ suits any occasion. We hope that the appearance of the product will harmoniously complement the look of any modern fashionista”, – comments Oleksandr Stryzhelchyk, the author of the concept and the Creative Director of New Products Group.

“Our company always keeps its finger on the pulse of the changes in the aesthetic preferences of our consumers, because products must fit their lifestyle just like new clothes or a modern device. The update of the legendary SHAKE™, the leader among low-alcohol drinks since 2003, is a positive and necessary step, considering the long and successful history of its existence. To continue this development, we applied two tactics in our redesign: on the one hand, we boldly and vividly modernized the image, and on the other hand, we followed the principle of continuity and brand recognition”, comments Elena Chuvakina, Head of Brand Department at New Products Group, on the evolution of the design of the SHAKE™ line.

On June 26, the advertising campaign for the restyling of the can design of the famous drink for glamorous parties and stylish people was launched. The SHAKE™ commercials, produced by DGTL RLGN (directed by Olga Babich), will explore the information space via television channels (Novy, M1, K1, K2, NLO, Sontse, Ukraine) and the Internet, where a series of dynamic banners will also appear. Throughout the summer, we will see charismatic dancers, bright backgrounds, crazy angles on our screens and monitors – a life filled with movement, seductive brilliance, and fascinating conversations, embodied by the slogan Shake it, baby!