The Germans appreciate Ukrainian cider APPS


The Germans appreciate Ukrainian cider APPS

New Products Group has started to export APPS ciders to Germany recently. However, the first successes and popularity growth are already noticeable.

The refreshing drink is in demand in eight big German cities, i.e. Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich etc.

Natural apple ciders APPS are sold in local retail chains and are served in hotels, restaurants and bars around Germany.

Do you eat in one of Grindhouse Burgers restaurants? Order APPS instead of lager. Ukrainian apple cider is on the menu there. Going to Munich? You should definitely visit iconic hookah-place Medusa Lounge and find APPS there too!

Despite an increasing European demand for goods from Ukraine, APPS does not rely on a mere interest in exotic products from abroad. We produce drinks that can withstand full-scale competition against major European brands on their home market. APPS is not sold on the sideline of quinoa grains or bamboo shoots, that are bought out of curiosity. APPS is popular because it’s delicious! And because it costs €1.2 per 0.33 l bottle.