The fresh start and five knockdowns: the first fight of Pit Bull Fight ІІІ is now on YouTube!


Three is a magic number. In Pit Bull Fight III, there are more fighters, more formats, a wider arsenal of styles, higher tension, more frequent releases. The first fight of the new season is already on the official YouTube channel of Pit Bull Fight. And it’s not just stomping and gentle hugs – it’s a rough tussle with five knockdowns!

Who are our first heroes? Ternopil resident Maksym Zagurskyi, winner of the Ukrainian Kudo Championship and winner of the Ukrainian Free-Fight Cup. On the show he represents Thai boxing. Now Max is 19, he has been doing sports since he was 8. Since childhood, he had his own opinion, always defended it and never “held back”. His opponent Gleb Egorov from Pavlograd had to withstand bullying at school, and from the age of 13 he learned to defend himself with kickboxing. Now the guy is 22, he is extremely strong in spirit and has already managed to work as a security guard. He fought in about 80 amateur fights and never lost early.

This spectacular bandage fight tickles the nerves from the first round. Already in the first minutes Zagursky’s lightning left puts Egorov on his shoulders. By the middle of the fight, it becomes obvious that Maksym is in control of the situation and is confidently pressing on. Knee in the nose, right hook in the jaw, hard left to the side… But Egorov should be given credit: every time the fighter jumps to his feet and boldly pushes forward, despite the considerable risk. The fight in the third round ends with a technical knockout of Egorov, who despite the sixth meeting with the floor was still ready to continue the fight!

The next battle will take place on Sunday, April 11. The young boxer Artem Khan, the owner of the lead right fist, will clash with the experienced master of sports Dmytro Orlov, who easily juggles several disciplines. Both participants have been in sports for more than 10 years, so the scales are still equal.

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