The fourth battle of Pit Bull Fight III: colorful characters, an unexpected turn


The new episode of Pit Bull Fight III, fight №4! Pankration vs MMA. Robocop vs virtuoso. Who will bind whom, who will play whom?

Denis Kurdinov is a 25 year old from Kharkiv. He has been practicing martial arts for 16 years, having achieved the rank of master of sports of international class in pankration, and a master of sports of Ukraine in sambo. He worked in cybersecurity, and now serves in the National Guard. Taras Oliynyk, a year younger, is a Kyiv native, a master of sports in MMA. He spent 6 years in the world of sports, but has had 4 years of downtime. He performs not only in the octagon: he plays the saxophone and his singing is as good as his fighting skills.

Kurdinov sets a pretty fast pace for the fight, starting a fierce attack right away. No hesitation – he immediately puts his opponent on the ground and lays lots of punches. A real PIT BULL™! Oliynyk defends himself as best he can, but anyone is powerless against such force. It seems that everything has already been decided in advance…

But no! In the second round, the mountain of muscles loses steam and begins to sway on his feet. Steadfast Taras Oliynyk wants a rematch and takes the reins from the bully Kurdinov. The fighting machine starts to miss. Oliynyk comes back to life like a phoenix and punches the bull with all his might. During the last few seconds, the musician topples an opponent who seemed so invincible.

However, that is not all! The third round is still happening. Kurdinov has gathered courage and steps forward, but cannot even defend himself. The fight ends in the first few seconds with the undisputed victory of saxophonist Taras Oliynyk. Technical knockout. Unbelievable.

Definitely a beautiful and dramatic battle. There is everything here: spectacular throws, epic blows, powerful fighting, a movie-worthy knee kick, and these are not stuntmen – everything is real! And next time, on April 21, it will be even more interesting, because our old friend Artem Veklych will try to overwhelm the judoka Yuri Shevchenko, who is used to ending all his fights ahead of schedule.

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