The first Pit Bull Fight loss by rule violation


Oh no today the force of gravitation is just kind of irresistible for one of the participants. The Earth pulls him into its horizontal embrace… Not without qualified help, of course! In the 27th episode of Pit Bull Fight III, the candidate for master of sports in kickboxing enters into a severe clash with a debutant in MMA.

Denys Dragoy, an international master of sports in wushu-taolu, performs for the first time in mixed martial arts and is doing very well. A fighter from the city of Berdyansk. Went into sports at the age of 13, inspired by Jackie Chan’s tricks. At the age of 20, he started doing wrestling and boxing. Not a tactician, works more on instincts. Had about 10 amateur fights.

Khmelnytsky resident Dmytro Shevchuk is a winner of the World Cup and European Championship in kickboxing. In sports for 5 years, but due to a broken arm, he left training for 1.5 years. Many coaches gave up on him as an athlete, but thanks to his strong-willed character, the guy quickly made up for lost time. He plays chess, which helps him think strategically in the octagon as well.

Shevchuk is best at clever weaving and long-limbed work at a distance, while Dragoy is excellent at throws and has enough stamina. In the first round, Dragoy tries to frame his opponent, but the more technically savvy Shevchuk is more effective in his actions. Dragoy just looms ahead like a death machine, despite missed punches. He manages several amplitude throws: Shevchuk defends well, but by the end of the round he is already very bloody.

In the second round, a well-established pattern bears results: Dragoy takes the opponent’s leg, pulls it to the ground and squashes his face. In one of the episodes, Dragoy, carried away, finishes the kickboxer with his elbows, for which he receives a warning from the referee. His simple trick with takedowns drains the opponent.

The fighters are taken to the extra-round. Nothing new: slam and final blows from Dragoy. And again the referee is forced to pull the rowdy “Jackie Chan” away from the opponent and remove a point. Shevchuk is only capable of single sluggish blows that do not make much difference. However, it is he who gets the victory due to the opponent’s repeated violation of the rules. PIT BULL™ for a civilized way to release energy!

On a hot July Sunday, something special awaits us: the triumphant return of the winner of the first and second seasons of Pit Bull Fight and the favorite of the public, Nijat Valiyev! The legendary representative of K1 will make a jitzer and the former investigator of the homicide department nervous. Nijat Valiyev must defend his nickname The Real King of the Ring, and Oleg Panchenko better not open a criminal case against him on his own profile…