The fifth battle of the most spectacular fight show in the country: the return of a participant of all seasons of Pit Bull Fight to the octagon


The new fight of the third season is frantically raising the stakes for the project. Pit Bull Fight III sure loves the trinity. Twice defeated in previous seasons, Artem Veklich returns to the ring for the third time to prove the supremacy of his style, and as a result raises his winning glove. A real samurai!

A 20-year-old from Kyiv, Artem Veklich – the two-time absolute Champion of Ukraine and the Champion of the Ukrainian Cup in Kyokushinkai, the three-time Champion of Ukraine in professional karate, a silver medalist of the Ukrainian Championship in combat sambo. In sports since the age of 5. Hardy. Fights to the last breath. Waits to feel out the opponent, and then picks up the pace. Especially dangerous with his right-side punch.

Master of Sports in Judo Yuri Shevchenko is 28 years old, has been doing sports since he was 7. Moved to Kyiv from the town of Romny. Yuri is motivated by beautiful fights, so he himself seeks to put on a spectacular show. A basic fighter, but loves to fight in a standing position. He had four amateur fights and ended each of them early.

After the starting gong, the sinewy fighters first carefully probe the ground, and then clash like birds of prey in flight and torment each other. They exchange sharp knee kicks, while thrashing each other with lightning-fast fists. Both are tense, focused, no courtesies. The fight mainly takes place in a standing position, but when throws and sweeps occur, they are really effective and look impressive at the same time.

Only in the third round does Veklich begin to prevail: he hits the opponent in the head, takes advantage of the moment and vigorously finishes the job. The referee stops the round. TKO. The first lost battle for Yuri Shevchenko, but he perceives it as a cool experience and is ready to step into the Pit Bull Fight cage again for a spectacular rematch!

Next time we also have an interesting pair: Sergey Mudritsky, a universal fighter blessed by God who believes in his luck, and a super technical cold-minded Oleg Nagorny. Stroke of luck or hard work – who will win?

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