The Evolution is Unstoppable! The first fully natural energy drink “NON STOP Evolution” breaks into the Ukrainian market


New Products Group is proud to present an unprecedented, evolutionary-revolutionary new product. Continuous development and improvement of the production technologies for the last 17 years, tireless research of latest food trends in the leading countries of the world allowed us to conclude: only the present can be perfect. Exactly like NON STOP Evolution – the first energy drink made of exclusively natural components.

NON STOP Evo is a new round of evolution of the NON STOP brand line, a complete rethinking of its ideology for those who follow eco-trends and live a healthy lifestyle. The drink embodies the pure essence of energy from which everything arises: your productive day, the change of seasons outside your window, life itself. Completely natural origins make this energy perfectly pure. The idea of ​​pristine cleanliness is also successfully emphasized by the modern, trendy, minimalist design of a 0.25 liter can with a white and red color scheme.

For the production of NON STOP Evo, the “Ascent to the Source” strategy has been applied to the pure primary ingredients. They were combined in a new way to create a wonderful combination of functionality and pleasure. The latter is due to the drink’s unique taste: notes of exotic baobab, refreshing lime and juicy grapefruit. The natural ingredients of the drink include:

  • Baobab extract, extremely rich in ascorbic acid, B vitamins, and numerous microelements, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron;
  • Ginkgo biloba supplement, which has the properties of enhancing blood microcirculation, improving memory, relieving anxiety, and alleviating depression;
  • Natural caffeine extracted directly from arabica and robusta beans, known for its tonic and antioxidant properties, stimulation of mental and physical activity;
  • Guarana, which is ingested gently and gradually, increasing efficiency, accelerating recovery after physical exertion, stimulating the processes of metabolism and fat burning.

The natural superfood content that improves well-being and contributes to a powerful burst of energy is complemented by a reduced sugar content and reduced calorie content – only 33 kcal per 100 ml of drink. Training, work, study, entertainment at any time of the day will become easier, healthier, more harmonious, because NON STOP Evo interprets the relationship of humans with nature in a new way, as if returning the modern resident of the metropolis to the pristine grace of the Garden of Eden.

The new NON STOP recipe reflects global trends in the energy drink industry, which is undergoing changes due to the desire of consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle. Research conducted by Döhler company has found that more energy drinks recently have been produced with the addition of healthy herbs, non-synthetic caffeine, natural dyes, and fruit juices. So, according to the 2018 data, the output of stimulating drinks that stated natural components increased by 7%, and with the inclusion of guarana extract in the composition – by 26%. Also, with an increase in demand for the diet versions of the product, the segment of energy drinks with reduced or zero sugar content increased by 28% during 2014–2018.

“Our company has traditionally set trends on the Ukrainian beverage market, carefully studying the experience of the leading countries of the world and adapting it to the needs of local consumers. Our next know-how is the energy drink of the future, which combines a wide range of human knowledge about natural ingredients that positively affect the body, and the latest knowledge of their optimal and competent use. In a world where the trend for environmental friendliness reigns in all areas of life, we are clearly keeping up with the times, promoting the new NON STOP Evo as an honest and organic partnership with nature based on innovative technologies. According to the NON STOP Evo concept, humans have come a long way, developing through the stages of trial and error, and finally, having achieved wisdom, they found peace in themselves and in the environment that really was perfect from the very moment of its creation”, – shared Boris Tkachev, Director of Strategy and Research of New Products Group.

So, the evolution of NON STOP does not stop! The product is becoming more stylish, healthy, and functional. It takes the best of the past and future to generate a perfect present here and now. Try the  completely natural energy drink of the new generation – take a sip of pure energy that explodes with the heat of the Big Bang. NON STOP Evolution: the drink for creating your own personal universe.

The new NON STOP Evo will be available across the retail chains all over Ukraine in May 2020. The cost of the drink will be about 20 UAH per 250 ml can.