The creative soul of AI has been appreciated by leading advertising experts: REVO kAIf has won at KIAF!


Lockdown is not a reason for lockout! And even while people are sitting at home, the idea generator works and gets high with kAIf…

Breaking news! For the first time in history, the award for best creative screenplay went to… artificial intelligence. REVO kAIf’s commercial “Crazy Party Generator” has won a gold award at Kyiv International Advertising Festival in the category Innovation in lockdown and remote production! Crazy neuronet has written the script for the wild NextGen party, and humans have filmed this.

So, what’s the summary? Yacht racing. Girl hostages. All REVO™ of the country. Partying on the alcoholic seashore. Afterwards, guys extinguishing a volcano. Also, melting a glacier, scattering fluff, firing up the club… Who doesn’t want the world’s best party without limits?

Such representatives of the human race helped the futuristic brain to make a fantastic video clip:

  • Сreative Director – Oleksandr Stryzhelchyk, Head of Strategy – Borys Tkachov (New Products Group);
  • Chief Creative Officer – Viktor Shkurba, Strategy Director – Mikhael Traverse, Аrt Director – Nataliya Tachinskaya, Сreative Producer – Jack Baratov (ISD Group);
  • Post Production Director – Andrey Trevgoda, Executive Producer – Vitalii Sheremetiev, DOP – Anton Fursa (ESSE House).

And other great talented Homo sapiens!

We are very grateful to our co-authors: ESSE Production House – the first full-service film production company in Ukraine and ISD Group – Creative Agency of the Year 2020 according to the Ukrainian Advertising Coalition and the owner of the Bronze Cannes Lion 2019.

REVO kAIf is the first artificial intelligence in the world, taught by Ukrainian partygoers, who communicate with it through a specially created Telegram-bot. The data received from users get to the “brain center” of REVO kAIf which creates from the received information a mix of the most insane party concepts. The main highlight of the idea is that REVO kAIf has its own logic and preferences, so the results of its “fantasies” are completely unpredictable. The unprecedented REVO kAIf project was launched in February 2020 with the creative and technical support of the digital creative agency ISD Group. 

Anyone can hang out with a megabrain! Get your crazy party break-in here: