The Cosmonaut and REVO Can are NOT saying goodbye: the web-series will have a second season!


Three months have passed since the limited edition of REVO™ in collector’s cans with the Cosmonaut went on sale, along with a unique cross-media project – a web-series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can, which was launched in support of the drink. For three months, fans had eagerly waited for each episode to come out, engrossed in the plot of this fantastic multi-energy blockbuster, watching the silent yet heroic dude in a spacesuit and his “slightly talkative” and “a bit arrogant” tin friend overcome all the challenges of the big city, so that the Cosmonaut can finally meet real love – that is, love in real life. Brutal heroes who never lose courage and are able to get out of any unexpected situation, humor, and, of course, real feelings – all this pulled the audience in, captured their attention and entertained them. But did this cool story really come to an end?

Just now on the channel Revoenergydrink appeared a new, 9th episode of the project, which, according to all rules, had to have been the last. But this is REVO™ – this drink does not recognize any rules! Arrogant and generous, sarcastic and sympathetic, brutal and touching, a driven risk-taker. And infinitely energetic! So, when fans kept asking about the next series every day, REVO™ willingly pulled them into this new adventure!

So, surprise – and stunning U-turn in the style of the unpredictable, legendary REVO™: the ninth episode was the last… of the first season! “To be continued”, said the characters, who became so loved by the fans of REVO™ that they even made their own stickers for Telegram based on the series. So, there will be a sequel! Moreover, REVO™ promises that even during hiatus it will not let the audience sit idly: it has already prepared something absolutely incredible!

The finale of the first season is also unpredictable. “Oh man, I just had a trip. I saw the future!”, suddenly informs us the REVO Can with the voice of rapper Mytee Dee. What did he see? It’s impossible to guess, you simply need to see it!

“REVO™ is a special, unique “character” in the brand portfolio of New Products Group. It’s a drink that has character, which combines the fun of light alcohol and the strength of an energy drink. A bit of brutality, a little sense of permissiveness, plus being loud-mouthed and snooty are all its features. Therefore, it was quite easy for us to create the character of the REVO Can for our web-series. Then we needed to find the “voice of REVO”, and this task was brilliantly tackled by the master of rap-battles Mytee Dee. We are incredibly pleased that our cross-media project has perfectly connected with the target audience and found such support from fans of REVO™, and it’s nice that from now on the fans will associate our legendary energy drink with a specific character – the REVO Can. We promise that REVO™ will surprise you again in the near future!”, – comments Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

Brief historical background: REVO™ is one of the first brands of New Products Group, present on the Ukrainian market since 2007. The legendary REVO™ commercial with the Cosmonaut, which you can watch on the Revoenergydrink channel, received numerous prizes at advertising and creative festivals; in particular, it won the Grand Prix and five gold awards at the Kyiv International Advertising Festival in 2014. When in June of 2018 a limited version of REVO™ with a trendy flavour of orange, strawberry and black pepper was released, the image of the Cosmonaut in the style of pop-art adorned the comic book-inspired can. And it was the Cosmonaut, together with the REVO Can, who became the protagonists of the series that came out in support of this limited version of the drink.