The “Boom!” of the giant black ball has boomed on Instagram! Results of the activation with bloggers by the “evergreen” brand Green Energy


Cannabis is a pure and noble culture, and more and more progressive young people continue to accept it, given their fresh, new perception of the world. A unique Instagram project has been completed to support the “Ideal and Legal” commercial, which in a lively and witty manner informs the viewer that Green Energy is a completely safe and legal product. All this is because the narcotic component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is excluded from the cannabis extract as part of the energy drink, but the whole spectrum of vitamins and useful elements that help to have a “fighting” mood and feel good is preserved.

As part of the Green Energy™ infotainment project, 20 well-known and charismatic bloggers shared their thoughts on the topic of cannabis, the properties of this world-renowned refined superfood, and energy drinks as a whole, inviting followers to an active discussion. It was accompanied by fun videos, in which opinion leaders burst a huge inflatable ball with golden confetti and a can of the drink inside, thereby “bursting” the phantoms of pernicious stereotypes. A simple and cute idea brought the life-affirming philosophy of Green Energy™ to the consumer: having energy for genuine fun and being fun without any illegal stimulants is healthy, fashionable and modern.


The grandiose “inflatable intrigue” and the funny mischief in the video caused a real boom online! The activation resulted in more than 875 000 video views, almost 856 000 people in audience reach, and the number of saved posts exceeded 11 000. “Taking into account the results of the project, we can confidently declare the success of the cooperation of the brand with the most proactive and passionate part of its audience – the influencers. It is extremely important in combating prejudice that unconventional and well-known personalities present controversial topics to their subscribers, thereby encouraging them to reflect on the appropriateness of perpetuating stereotypes, analyzing facts and forming their own independent positions. Despite the “extravagance” of the beverage for the Ukrainian market and the challenges, such as the taboo status of cannabis on social media, we have once again been able to convey important information to consumers and secure positive product associations”, – commented Elena Selyutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

The Instagram project is a logical continuation of the brand’s myth-debunking campaign to encourage the audience to move beyond the ordinary, boldly display individuality, and be progressive in their perception of modern achievements. Last fall, under the umbrella of Green Energy, a series of videos called “StereoTrips” was launched, in which several creative young people, can of the refreshing energy drink in hand, shared their thoughts on widespread social stereotypes. The campaign has succeeded in convincing a significant number of consumers that cannabis is, in fact, a superfood, and therefore an ideal base for an eco-friendly “green” energy drink. The informative work of the brand will continue in a creative and educational vein.