The band “Kugran & Agregat” starred in a music video by REVO™


REVO™ does not let its eager and life-loving fans get bored, as the brand launches a new project. On February 19, a new music video will premiere, co-created by the brothers Аmil and Ramil from the sensational rap trio “Kurgan & Aggregate”.

The video was produced and art-directed by ODDEE Agency. The story of how the multimedia REVO-party was organized was told to us by the founder of ODDEE agency Ivan Bazar: “We have been watching Kurgan and Agregat for a long time, and, judging by Revo stories, they have been watching us. That’s how we decided to collaborate with the guys. We made a beat, spat a verse and a chorus, sent the demo to the boys. They liked it – they wrote their own chorus. Then we decided to make the video. It’s too early to announce a tour, but we will think about an album”. The result of the creative collaboration was a fun improvised party in music video form.

The new music video will especially delight the fans of the popular “Fantastic Multi-Energy Blockbuster”, because a whole kaleidoscope of beloved heroes appears in it: the undemanding pizza eater, the crafty master AroMata, the colourful hip-cops, the impenetrable hyro-gopnik, and, of course, the touching inseparable pair – the Cosmonaut and the Can. Thus, REVO™ gradually turns from a drink into a cultural phenomenon with its own memes and patterns, steadily expanding its army of fans.

“REVO™ is developing new ways to communicate with fans. Now everyone can take a loudspeaker to a party and add a light background with a fun rap from their favourite performers. It will bring a new topic for discussion even in a company of strangers! We are all different, and in the digital age, it is not always easy for us to find common ground in the real world. But the paradox is that, while being different and imperfect, we complement each other. Is that not proven by our old friends, the Cosmonaut and REVO Can? Is that not what attracts people to the extravagant Kurgan and Agregat? Wherever REVO™ appears, the most extraordinary mixes of characters, talents, and styles are being created, bringing people together through friendship, love and joint creativity”, – summarizes Elena Selutina, PR Director of New Products Group.